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Are you going pole dancing? Top right is the best of a bad lot

Wear your birthday suit 😀

There is some photoshopping going on there big time.  Look at the waists versus hips ratio. Why don't you go to somewhere like New Look or H&M?  They have loads of reasonable and trendy clothes which are far more cool than those in the pictures

I think Abbey already has these outfits. She normally says that.

None of them Abbey...unless you are on the pull.

Try something a bit more sophisticated looking.

If Abbey looks like that whenever she goes out it's a mystery as to why she doesn't get to meet plenty of guys that way 

^ Oh I`m sure she would meet plenty of guys, but not the right sort of guys

Is the pink one the same as you wore on your date with guy 1 .? you  showed us a front view but we had no idea of the back. 

It sends out the wrong signals. 

I don't like any of them. Sorry

The one without all the holes in it.

Whichever you prefer, Abbey, the one you feel most confident in. 

Maybe the top right , with a jacket , shrug or bolero if you have one 

Abby don't go out looking like a Street Walker.  For want of a better word.  Do you have all these dresses?  


Abbey, will you be out with girls, or family and what do any of them recommend wearing ?


Do you still have the one people liked on your thread in March


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I didn't like any of them so ordered these on vinted which one?

I rather like the blue one, if that helps.  Feminine but not blatant.

Blue one.

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Or one of these as it meant to be hot

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Which Outfit For My Birthday Night Out?

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