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Turning Down A Bonus

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AB Editor | 14:06 Mon 30th Jan 2012 | News
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If I was offered one........I certainly wouldn't turn it down, particularly if the sum was "peanuts" in the greater picture.
15:08 Mon 30th Jan 2012
Question Author
Please provide your reasons for your choice. For example, would it be morally wrong to do so?
If I was offered one........I certainly wouldn't turn it down, particularly if the sum was "peanuts" in the greater picture.
No way, to the bank account please - 16-33-27 number 001234567 in the name of Mr. F Shred.
No, For the same reasons as Sqad. If I were on Hundreds of thounds a year I really wouldn't need it - but I'm not.
A chap who could afford to turn down a million quid clearly isn't short of a few bob. I would take it and give a tithe to charity to salve my conscience and shut up the critics.
If I felt had earned it I would take it! If not I wouldn't then there's the inbetweenie bit where I felt I earned some of it. hmmmm
No way would I turn down any bonus. I need every penny I can get
I once got 2 years salary as a bonus................I paid off my mortgage with it.
Personally - no. If I was in Mr Hester's position, I would not only turn it down, given that several more million are due to me in a few months time - i would not be quoted as being 'surprised' at the public's reaction. I do live in the real world, and if i didn't - as Mr Hester and coleagues do not, I wouild keep quiet about the gulf in understanding between myself and the rest of civilsed society.
Certainly not, and nor should he have done.

The fall of RBS wasn't down to him and he has earned the bonus for lifting it out of the abyss.

It is only down to some Labour MPs who have bullied him into refusing this bonus, as if they are anything to go by in dipping their own hands in the trough.
Has he really lifted it out of the abyss? RBS shares are worth what now, and what were they worth when he took over?
The point is this chap signed a contract that promised that bonus so it was part of his salary as such, the media firestorm has not done well by this chap.

Think of it this way yove a job for £30k with the promise of a £1k bonus then on bonus day your boss says you don't deserve it, youd be happy to swallow it just like that? No matter how you have justified it.

Another point about this Hester bloke is reckoned to be only one of about 100 people in the world who can do what hes doing, if he walks and might now, who would take the poisoned chalice.

Those of you who have seen other posts by me will know I am not a banking cheerleader but this is a public bank that needs to be making a profit A.S.A.P. I think this bloke has been hounded totaly unfairly.
I thought it was the taxpayer who lifted it out of the abyss - so where's my bonus ?
OK...let is look at the "real world"

a) you turn down the bonus to help the under privileged, both in the "real world" and in the RBS.

Will they see benefits?..........NO!

b) Take the 40% tax which goes back into the public coffers....looks good, it panders to the mediocrity, but do the under privileged see any benefits?.....NO.

Take the bonus Mr Heston.
If payment depended on results it could be argued that he should receive a negative renumeration.
He's paid over a million to lift it out of the abyss which he hasn't done yet. the time for a bonus is when the bank is solvent again and the public have got their money back.
Have not read all the threads but I agree with everyone who says take it and give it to charity
I must say in all honesty I would not refuse any bonus offered. The thing that I do query is why there is a bonus at all, doesn't Mr Hester get paid handsomely for doing his job ?.

AOG - I appreciate your (overlooked) point that Mr hester is entitled by contract to receive his bonus. in addition, and also overlooked, it was trhe previous Labour administration who agreed the terms, so for them to complain in the way they are is hypocritical opportunisim of the highest order.

However, i do think that Mr Hester should have been sensitive to the prevailing winds of public opinion. The loss of this bonus is more than offset by the coming bonus which is due to him shortly, and in the interest of being seen to be a decent human being, he would have been better thought of to have recninded his bonus, rather than have it forced out of him. That is less to do with receiving millions of pouinds - however deserving - and being seen to be a compassionate individual who cares about others less fortunate.

\\\ RBS shares are worth what now, and what were they worth when he took over?\\\

Good point, but the overinflated shares were a reflection of overinflated bank promises and the REAL value are now reflected in the low share value.
I would buy them now....wouldn't you?

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Turning Down A Bonus

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