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Tube Drivers during the olympics.

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flip_flop | 13:24 Mon 30th Jan 2012 | News
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Am I missing something here?

Am I right in thinking tube drivers are going to be paid more during the olympics, not because of overtime but for doing their normal shifts, just because the olympics are on?


Why would it make a jot of difference to them whether the olympics are on or not? I'm struggling to see the justifcation for this extra payment (or am I being cynical in thinking this is simply a sweetener to stop Bob Crow calling his members out on strike during the olympics?).


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Not cynical, just common sense.
It's a protection racket.

'Nice olypmics you've got here'd be a shame for anything to spoil it. Know what I mean?'
i dunno, this aint just about the choo choo drivers is it so i can see both sides.

when i was working in central london there wasn't a day go by that my trip home wasn't delayed because of platform overcrowding and the gates to street level were closed preventing more passengers going underground, so to speak.

i imagine that with the increased passenger numbers for that period this will become an even greater problem for them to deal with.
I wonder if they would also expect a decrease in their money, if some of their shifts were quiet ones?
It's a sweetener because the've said no leave to be taken during the Olympics and Paralympics unless you've got tickets or pre booked holidays.

I think our payment is £650
///I wonder if they would also expect a decrease in their money, if some of their shifts were quiet ones?///

No more likely than the bankers paying back when the bank makes a loss.
I expect most of my shifts to be quieter than usual as we will be on stand by rather than normal duties
Blatant blackmail from the transport unions, wait until the other vultures get their snouts in the trough. Please don't bleat on about the bonus culture, that's wrong too, but it doesn't make this right!
"Sack the lot of them and train replacements in time for the games"

... advertise the jobs only in areas with above average levels of unemployment ... I suspect that there wouldn't be any shortage of suitably skilled recruits?
And just who do you have in mind, Dave, to carry out the months-long training and subsequent supervision during any probationary period, never mind the fact that there is apparently a very substantial failure rate? Recruitment, I understand, is done from among personnel already working for London Underground and there appear to be no plans to change that. I rather suspect any such change would produce chaos such as you have never seen before on the Tube!
As I understand it, there will be full and over-crowded trains right through every shift during the Olympics, together with required flexibility in shift patterns, and bonus payments are being made to reflect the additional responsibility and co-operation.

Can't see a problem with that - a large number of executives have bonus packages built into their contracts, it's nice for some people lower down the scale to be reminerated for a change.
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Anybody got a picture of vultures with snouts? ( zebo)
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The training doesn't look too hard.

Bob Crow really is an *** of the highest order.
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Censored word is rsole
You are correct, they are getting £1500 bonus just to work 'normally' during the Olympics, pure blackmail. No one is putting it into words but the threat is that unless they get the cash they will disrupt the Olympics by refusing to work.
what exactly will the the train drivers deal with, that is so different from what they usually do, they are not guards, nor from experience do they do anything if there is an emergency, other than stop the train and get out the drivers cab. So yet again we are held to ransom because they can and do get away with it. There will be millions more on the public transport system. commuters are being asked to stagger their journeys in order to ease congestion during the Olympics, that may not go down well with the hospitals, councils, fire service, police who work shifts, and have to rely on staff being in at a specific time. I have lived here all my life, and rarely use the underground, but when i have it's dirty, packed, and not a member of staff to be seen for love nor money, so will we see more if there are extra dosh on the table, what a total crock this is.
And people wonder why foreigners are filling our jobs....cases like this are a perfect example of why.

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Tube Drivers during the olympics.

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