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Is The Government Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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AB Editor | 15:26 Thu 12th Jan 2012 | News
27 Answers

Is The Governement Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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  • Yes! - 145 votes
  • 32%
  • Yes, but work experience - not just free labour for large corporations - 145 votes
  • 32%
  • Yes, but if they're already volunteering this should be recognised - 117 votes
  • 26%
  • No. - 44 votes
  • 10%

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Where are they supposed to work?
It is a bit of a circular argument.

There are not enough jobs for young people, so they apply for jobs but don't get them. Meanwhile large companies are working with the Government to provide not jobs but training. The training is actually what they would normally have to pay a young person the minimum wage to do, but they pay nothing. There is no job after the training, because there is an endless stream of free labour at their disposal.

That should stop immediately. If we want people to do something for their £62 a week benefit, there are many jobs that would benefit the local community and not Tescos.
As a general rule no. If there are job positions that need filling then they ought to be going to folk that apply for them, not be left there available for a "do this or you won't get benefits" scenario. And if folk are not applying for the jobs then the offer can not be sufficient since the market finds it's own level.

It seems to me identifying and dealing with the 'work shy' should be a separate activity to offering the welfare safety net to those in need.
I see the girl who is sueing the government for making her work at Poundland has a degree in geology...............that'll open a lot of doors for her.

You think Geology is a worthless profession? How do you imagine they found North Sea oil or the gas fields in the Irish Sea? They didn't point a drill and hope for the best. There are numerous job possibilities for someone with a Geology degree.
Jed Clampett used a shotgun
No Gromit I do not think that geology is a worthless profession..............I do think it's a profession with a limited amount of vacancies, which will be taken by the very best.
Question Author
Sorry, bit rushed this afternoon :)
i always check my posts for good grammir and spellunks mustakes

I know a 23 year old who graduated with a Geology degree in 2009.

He is now flown all over the world and is paid a very good salary more than double anything I have ever been able to command. To say he should not have taken that degree because there is a limited amount of posts is daft.

There are many 'easy' and, for want of a better phrase, 'Mickey Mouse' degrees. But Geology certainly does not fall into either of those categories.
Congratulations know ONE graduate who has got a wonderful job.

And Poundland wasn't on his C.V.
No not right at all, not only does it devalue the point of getting a degree it also takes a manual job away from someone who hasn't got one, thus the worst educated will never be able to get jobs AT ALL- and the social underclass of disadvantaged, poorly educated, poor people will swell. If you fancy a nation absolutely chock full of Jeremy Kyle guests, carry on.

A good idea so as to get them used to getting up in the mornings, travelling to their place of temporary employment where they are then taught skills.
No. If some people choose a life of leisure and relative poverty, why not? We're a rich country and can afford it.
if i spent all that time, sweat and effort in getting a degree, and it's not that easy, then i would hope someone would eventually offer a better job than working in poundland for tuppencehalfpenny, or nothing at all.
Problem is there are too many youngsters leaving Uni with degrees not worth the paper they are written on, who then expect to walk into some top job, just because they have a degree.

They must realise now that a degree has been made less valuable these days and most of them don't hold the influence they once did.

Start lower and work your way up, seems to be the order of the day now.
AOG, that was always the way, you never, ever walked into a top job, the idea was you went in as a junior, even with decent qualification, and worked up from there, so perhaps the expectations for some is too high.

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Is The Government Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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