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Is The Government Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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AB Editor | 15:26 Thu 12th Jan 2012 | News
27 Answers

Is The Governement Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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  • Yes! - 145 votes
  • 32%
  • Yes, but work experience - not just free labour for large corporations - 145 votes
  • 32%
  • Yes, but if they're already volunteering this should be recognised - 117 votes
  • 26%
  • No. - 44 votes
  • 10%

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The girl in question which has prompted this poll has said she wants to work in a museum but thus far has failed to find a post.

Are we meant to pay her benefits until she finds a post that she perceives fits her worth?

She could, of course, work in any number of jobs (supermarket, call centre, office, local government etc...) while still looking for her ideal job, but at least this way we won't be paying for her.

So yes, I don't see why people who can work, should be made to work for their benefits - but the problem, as I see it, is that unscrupulous employers will use this initiative to get free labour, so perhaps the employer should cover the cost of the benefit.
It's quite a ridiculous question which doesn't, and can't, take into account the countless amounts of different circumstances experienced by thousands of claimants.

How can anyone vote on the limited choices given?
It has been stated beofre but the amount of benefit they receive should match the number of hours they contribute in some work. Therefore those that receive the most benefits should do the most unpaid work. This can be done by using the minimum wage as a yardstick. ie those youngsters receiving £56pw should do approx 11 hours each week. To do otherwise is slave labour.
the majority of crime committed in this country is by unemployed people.
so giving them work would reduce the crime rate as well.
there is enough work in the community for benefit claimants to be getting on with,local councils are cutting back on everything at the moment whats wrong with them cutting the grass down the local park or litter picking in the streets or tidying up around the local areas???..i for one am sick of people in this country getting money for nothing, their rents paid,council taxes paid pay no prescription fees,free school meals,pay no tax etc etc..ok if you have worked for years and lost your job or fallen [genuinely] ill and have paid into the system then i have no qualms about you getting something back but its these people who have never worked,knock 7 or 8 kids out and expect us to keep them oh and of course we dont have to mention the immigrants do we??? yes make them do a 40 hour week for their benefits..they will soon get a job and want to earn a ''proper'' wage if they are made to earn their ''entitlements''...
I have been on and off various benefits for most of my working life. I have undertaken every government scheme going to help get work. The worst one was called Prepare to Work; this entailed me doing the washing in a charity shop for 3 months! to this day I still haven’t figured out what it was actually preparing me for! I’ll admit that plenty of the other schemes I went on offered me a chance to gain various qualifications of which I took full advantage of as in the late 1980’s early 1990’s all employers wanted was qualifications. Unfortunately now all they want is experience.

I am currently on sickness benefit and doing some voluntary work. But I have to be so careful with how many hours I do otherwise the benefit agency are down on me like a tonne of bricks. They don’t see it as me getting off my butt and doing something to help myself, they think I am getting something for it and I am lying to them about it!! I hate to admit it but it’s so much simpler to sit at home doing sod all.

So my answer to the question is yes people should be expected to do something in return for their benefits, though it must be of use to them and not slave labour.

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Is The Government Right To Force People To Work For Benefits?

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