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Top Gear: In Trouble Again.....

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Philtaz | 15:01 Thu 12th Jan 2012 | News
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This time they've offended the Indians, apparently.

Anyone see it? I didn't think it any more controversial than usual for TG. If anything I thought it did wonders for the Indian Tourist Board in showing some wonderful scenery.

Odd that it's taken some 2 weeks for the Indian High Commission to make an issue of it though.


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Is it just me, or ia anyone else getting bored by stories of Top Gear / Clarkson upsetting people. People must know the show by now, so should not watch if easily offended.

The Indian High Commision was upset by the schoolboy humour. But that is what Top Gear is, a bunch of schoolboys getting excited, failing, having fun and generally being naughty. To complain about that is missing the point.

Top Gear is very popular in India and by Indians in this country. I cannot help but think a lot of the complaints are actually generated by the Top Gear publicity Department to keep it in the news.

The programme is entertaining. The constant stream of stories that it/Clarkson has upset someone is getting tedious.
Maybe there have been allegations of match fixing during the exhaust pipe cricket. :P
Do some people complain to other countries apart from Britain, when they feel offended?

Or do they realise it is only us who are a soft touch?
Apart from Britain do some people complain to other countries , when they feel offended?

Or do they realise it is only us who are a soft touch?
Sorry having trouble with Firefox 9.0.1 crashing.
perhaps if they had seen a programme a while ago, fronted by Kevin Macleod he of grand designs, where he visited India, he described many parts in such terms as it's a sh ithole, i lost count of how many times he used that word or similar, and have yet to see any comment by the people of India, or anyone in Britain who may have watched the programme that they were offended or indeed agreed/disagreed. Not sure that the TG presenters are any different in their appraisal, perhaps it's just worded differently.
this was the programme, and after watching it, couldn't agree more.

Jaaaaaaaaaaguar should be whinging. There's an inbuilt WC in the console.
Someone tell the IHC that he has an 'off' button like everyone else. When he calms down remind him that UK will still keep sending foreign aid.
If I remember correctly the Top Gear show also takes the mickey out of Britain.
I find the programme funny,entertaining and couldn't give a stuff if a few Indians haven't got a sense of humour.
No wonder we left ;-)
Mightywb, we didn't leave so much as give them back their country, which we shouldn't have been part of at any stage
"Someone tell the IHC that he has an 'off' button like everyone else."

I think you are missing the point. They were complaining that it was insulting to their country. If someone is insulting about you, you don't say "it's OK, I won't listen" if everyone else is listening.

"When he calms down remind him that UK will still keep sending foreign aid."

Ah, yes, of course, it's a condition of foreign aid: "We'll give you this money, but in return we'll be entitled to take the p1ss out of you".
The place is a *** - any one who has visited knows that.

Some should have pointed out the conditions of their bathrooms in the accommodation provided before the Commonwealth games. Remember that footage on the News......?

Put the Indian IOC team in some Tower Hamlets specials - they will be comfortable there - the officials that is.....
S_ithole was the starred word
DT, more Bangladeshi's in TH than Indians, plus somalis, and sundry others, TH Mayor has applied for city status as they are entitled to do apparently, in the year of the Queen's diamond jubilee. Let's hope they don't take this seriously...
lol ty for that useful info, em! So where would you send a bunch of Indian subcon Olympic officials to suffer....?
back wherever they come from i reckon. We live fairly central and know that when the Olympics, or before kicks off, it's time to leave for the duration. all the local hotels have been taken up by the media. That's without the problems with public transport, which is already overloaded. there are posters up already asking if people don't have to make essential journeys during the Olympics, since when was going to work not essential, that you stagger the times you travel to accommodate those who will be visiting, what fun..
Clarkson upsets the Isle of Sheppey.

Zzzzzz Yawn.
Haven't watched Top Gear for ages - not since it became a 'comedy' show.

Strange though, how those who jump to defend Clarkson's brand of 'offensive' humour are the same who jump to decry Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross/Frankie Boyle/Jimmy Carr/Ricky Gervais.

It's like a weird right wing version of political correctness...just in reverse.
Offensive, toilet humour?
What the freak do they expect. Chai wallahs?

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Top Gear: In Trouble Again.....

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