William and Kate....

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I.Don No | 18:08 Tue 10th May 2011 | News
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appear to have gone on honeymoon and are staying in a villa that costs £4000 a night.....

I thought we were all in this together....seems not


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Methinks there are them and us
I think it takes a special sort of person to begrudge any newly-weds their honeymoon.....
So what's wrong with a weekend in Clacton? it's a lot cheaper!
>>>I thought we were all in this together....seems not

After seeing how much their wedding must have cost what on earth made you think "we were all in this together".

In fact all through history there has always been (and always will be) them and us.

When Russia went communist and everyone was supposed to be the "same" all the political leaders had their huge houses out in the country or down by the seaside.

You can bet all OUR political leaders still have their chauffer driven cars, large expense accounts, paid for lunches, large pensions to come when they "retire" and so on.

You could dump 50 people on a desert island, and within 2 years some would be "them" and some would be "us".

The way of the world.
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Do you mean we should all have gone with them? Not done really on a honeymoon is it.
There are people in this country sleeping rough, who regard those who can afford to spend time on AB as "them"
"If they are paying for it themselves - or if their family is paying for it why shouldnt they? "

or its a freebie care of the Seychelles government which will get the islands lots of publicity and in the process earn them money by way of increased tourism.
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£4000 in Clacton would buy you most of the town.

So which country are they in, I.Don No then - if they don't know I suspect your info is the proverbial bs that folk will jump on.

Bet the papparazzi are doing their nut to find them
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Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just let them live their lives and enjoy their honeymoon? If we had the money and could do some of the things very wealthy people can, we most probably would! I just wish people would not see them as prey and let them be themselves and enjoy their new life together. I get awfully sick and tired of the constant people bashing that goes on in the press, be they royals or aritst, musician or just ordinary people. Personally, I would hate to have to live my life in the limelight of society, with every breath I take analysed and criticised!! It must be dreadful living like that, even with all the "perks of the job"!
I thought they had been honeymooning for the past 6 years. Maybe this time it will done without any contraception and within a few months a pregnancy will be announced.
maybe she is already pregnant......a small shotgun wedding.
I don't see the problem in them going on a honeymoon to somewhere extravagant, if they can afford it and are paying for it themselves why not?
If they can afford it, why not?
They are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Where do you expect them to stay the Travelodge M6 Stafford?

There would be some moaning about me if I was a Prince I can tell you!
as long as they are paying for it themselves who cares????..
Venator, your few words of wisdom there speak volumes.

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William and Kate....

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