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Yet Another U-Turn

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Canary42 | 17:19 Mon 17th Oct 2022 | Politics
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The energy price cap will only last 6 months instead of 24.

Blunderland government continues.


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Well you were all baying for the mini budget to be overturned and it has.

And now you are moaning again. Make you mind up.
It's what you wanted me old china, or was it? Is the bird cage a bit chill then?
it's not what "everyone" wanted. It's what the tory part memebers who voted wanted isnt it?
Surely everyone wants strong government?
He's probably nailed to the perch TTT, bit like the Norwegian Blue.
lovely plumage!
//it's not what "everyone" wanted.//

Well it seemed like it on here.
really though, people "on here" wanted a weak party leader who announces things then repeals them? I didnt see anyone clamouring for that.
Give over Bednobs, you know exactly what has been going on here on the News section.
Labour will be in soon, so more u turns…yeee haaa it’s like the Wild West!!
//it's not what "everyone" wanted.//

/Well it seemed like it on here./

I don’t recall anyone asking for a ‘fiscal event’ of catastrophic proportions either(except for Tory hedge-fund managers and former employers of Kwarteng who made millions literally overnight) but we got one.
People on here wanted rid of Boris but if they expected a strong leader to follow him they weren’t paying attention.
//The energy price cap will only last 6 months instead of 24.//
Shame we dont have the certainty but what you say isnt neceseraly true.... they havent announced it will end after6 months, just that it'll be reviewed. Theressome sense in that will have a better idea of whats affordable and hopefully can target the next stage on the less well off rather than supporting everyone however well off they are
Ginger, Labour should be in soon. What is wrong with them? They vote for a new leader immediately, and if they worked at it they should win any election. The government is a fiasco, do Labour not want to be in government .?
Labour won't be in for at least 18 months, that's a long time in politics.
Reminds me of Kinnochio in 1985, miles ahead in the polls called for an election everyday until finally he got one in know the rest!
the rest was that we got John Major. Roll on Black Wednesday II! And prepare the cells for the new breed of Aitkens, Hamiltons and Archers.
no no no jno 1987 was TGL, he lost to Major in 1992 after having a victory party a week before the election. Plonker!
//no no no jno 1987 was TGL, he lost to Major in 1992 after having a victory party a week before the election. Plonker!//

The Gargantuan Liar was in office in 1987?!
News to me.
Seems the only plonkers around are the 81,000 who voted for Truss.
Which idiots would’ve been so foolish?
Bet they’re thinking even now that the ethnic chappie might not’be been so bad after all eh? PMSL

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Yet Another U-Turn

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