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Writing To Your MP

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AB Editor | 09:56 Thu 05th Jan 2012 | Politics
12 Answers

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  • I've never written to my MP - 99 votes
  • 50%
  • Yes, but only a personal response. - 71 votes
  • 36%
  • Yes, I believe it encouraged a change in the law. - 16 votes
  • 8%
  • Yes, no response at all! - 12 votes
  • 6%

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I just voted on this poll and it wasn't recorded...wazzup doc? (Ed...<smile>)
I wrote to my MP once (the member for East Londonderry as was) , to complain (not TOO stridently) about lack of teacher training grants for Northern Ireland students wanting to study in the mainland UK and received a rambling, useless reply, which even managed to mention the IRA! Cheers Willie Ross - a politician who rose without trace if ever there was :-)
I wrote to my MP when I was having problems with my neighbour around 12 years ago. Not sure if it changed any laws but my neighbour was taken to court by the council for noise nuisance and prosecuted.
It takes a while to register Daisya.
Seeing that it won't record my vote....yes I have written to my MP and he was very helpful - it didn't change any laws but at least I knew he was "listening" and interested in what I had to say.
I have written on several occassions to my MP and have been impressed with his responses each time. The last time I wrote, I asked him if he could arrange seats for PMQs. Not only were we given prime seats, but were treated to a morning tour of the Palace of Westminster, morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the Thames, and a private tour after PMQs with his secretary. Couldn't have asked for better service. By the way, I don't support the party he represents nor have I ever voted for him.
I find it quite surprising that over 50% of ABers (very intelligent and socially aware people judging by the posts) have never written to their MP, and very sad that only 8% thought it actually did any good.I have written to mine many times (Iraq war,fox-hunting,etc) but only ever receive a standard pre-typed letter.On a positive note the e petitions DO seem to have some effect,which probably reflects modern communication preferences.
He took a personal interest in the matter, mediated on our behalf and we got the result which we had asked for.

He had to get involved with the Home Office and various other government departments.

Top bloke..........and we hadn't even voted for him! :o)
The 'pre-typed' reply is pretty poor stuff.

I'd been in touch several times with my previous MP and got well thought out, personal replies - and some action on one particular issue.

I was seriously p*ssed-off when he lost his seat in 2010, but the new guy is working really hard at representing the interests of *all* his constituents and has (if anything) been even better at replying to emails.
Interesting, since my original post, A has decreased but B has increased. The poll certainly reflects most people's opinion of MPs in general. Yes Dave, the template reply does make you think "Why did I bother?" especially as I live in a marginal constituency.I suppose MPs are like most things in life-there are good and bad ones.
I've never written to him but Boris used to be our local MP and when I saw him wondering around the village once I did give him a drive by tooting. I got a thumbs up back which was enough to make me happy.
Of the times I've written to my MP the end result has been similar. Sometimes they respond, sometimes their assistant does. Either a) they sympathise and have tried but they can not do anything, or b) they don't have the sense to agree with me and so ensure they don't get my vote next election. Of course sometimes you have to follow up a standard response letter response, stating how dissappointed you are that your representative has treated you with such disdain.

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