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Driving This Christmas

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AB Editor | 21:00 Mon 14th Dec 2009 | Motoring
52 Answers
December the 19th is said to be the most dangerous day to drive on British roads. The combination of last minute shopping and families coming together over long distances means the roads may be jam packed.

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Will you be travelling on the roads this Christmas?

  • Yes, but only locally. - 23 votes
  • 53%
  • Yes, I will be driving long distances to visit family this Christmas. - 14 votes
  • 33%
  • No, most of my family live locally and visit me. - 5 votes
  • 12%
  • No, Most of my family visit me. - 1 vote
  • 2%

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Christmas is December 25th , not December 19th, that's the week before Christmas.
I don't know if I'm going to be driving or not, how come there is no 'maybe' box?

given that it is goping to be the longest Christmas weekend we've had for a few years and most folk will be having a 4 day Christmas break, the roads will probably be the quietest they've been in yonks.
how posh is this new graph lol click on the See Full stats thing, wonder if out avatars will be sorted now they've cracked this one?
I am taking the train so where do I tick?
According to this, no-one has voted.............and I have !

Flash graph but it obviously doesn't work.........
Why does that sort of thing always happen to me..............? :o(
i would take the train but there is only 1 to stirling on boxing day and not one to where i live no chance im paying 40 pounds for a taxi on boxing day so guess ill need to stay home:( unless my cars fixed
well it's either a survey about December the 19th or a survey about driving at Christmas and i can't tell which it's meant to be.
jack its working now wasnt when i done it either
No...19th of December is the anniversary for both my Grandad and my Aunty. We go to church by foot.
I'll have a few drinks then drive over to the sister's house for dinner. Apart from that I'll not be driving.
there's also no box to tick for those driving to work, which i will be on Christmas eve, boxing day and christmas sunday and the bank holiday monday. so i'm travelling to work on 4 of the five days of christmas but not locally plus, what is the purpiose of the last 2 questions? It's a very odd poll.
Sandy....can I ask you? Did you make a decision about your other post in family?
Everywhere I need to go is in walking distance.
there's no choice for you to click then Society. I'm still weighing up my answer.
I did. I wrote a long letter detailing as much of our family history as I know and sent some photographs. It will be passed on to the sibling. I'm hoping they might reply before Christmas.
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Driving This Christmas

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