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Driving This Christmas

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AB Editor | 21:00 Mon 14th Dec 2009 | Motoring
52 Answers
December the 19th is said to be the most dangerous day to drive on British roads. The combination of last minute shopping and families coming together over long distances means the roads may be jam packed.

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Will you be travelling on the roads this Christmas?

  • Yes, but only locally. - 23 votes
  • 53%
  • Yes, I will be driving long distances to visit family this Christmas. - 14 votes
  • 33%
  • No, most of my family live locally and visit me. - 5 votes
  • 12%
  • No, Most of my family visit me. - 1 vote
  • 2%

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-- answer removed --
I don't know where this question is in Motoring, i can only access it from my profile and the survey results won't show up either.
It's in polls...
See NOK's answer in Ed's thread.....CB
where is that? the ABPolls has gone and in the recent post box it comes up as in motoring
My last answer...
Oh, great.....yes, i am driving a lot that day.......about 100 mile round trip!....

Cheers for that, Ed
on the 19th Yogi or on Christmas Day?
Morning Dot

On Saturday the 19th..............i'll be in France on Christmas Day, but still probably!
I wonder if your statistic will qualify for Christmas Driving then as i think these figures apertain to the UK only Yogi, you better email the ed for clarification before casting your vote as the integrity of the result could be compromised
I'll already be there for Christmas Day, Dot

Some of the french are indeed mad drivers, but being that i've driven in Italy and Sicily, which is, in my opinion, by far one of the worst driving standard places on earth, i stand a good chance of being alright, as mainly rural driving through big towns or cities hopefully. :)
So mine's a combination of C, with a little bit of A thrown in later in the holidays. :)

41 to 52 of 52rss feed

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Driving This Christmas

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