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Driving This Christmas

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AB Editor | 21:00 Mon 14th Dec 2009 | Motoring
52 Answers
December the 19th is said to be the most dangerous day to drive on British roads. The combination of last minute shopping and families coming together over long distances means the roads may be jam packed.

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Will you be travelling on the roads this Christmas?

  • Yes, but only locally. - 23 votes
  • 53%
  • Yes, I will be driving long distances to visit family this Christmas. - 14 votes
  • 33%
  • No, most of my family live locally and visit me. - 5 votes
  • 12%
  • No, Most of my family visit me. - 1 vote
  • 2%

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Oh yes I remember theat post sandy, I wish you luck with it, hope things work out as you hope.
Im traveling to Yorkshire by train on the 19th the very day of the poll and there isnt anywhere for me to tick :(
Should be an N/A box :)
so what Nok, I know you would like us to pass a spelling test and typing exam to post on here, but now you seem to want to set an etiquetter test too, well tough, the poll makes no sense and the syayement about the 19th doesn't either.
Just class not voting as N/A ;)

and yes i am very rude and i do cheeky insolent and opsteperous in buckets too,
Glad you approve of my tonque in cheek humour Dizmo.Feel ive arrived !!!!
The reason some of you didn't see your votes immediately is because it says "(Refreshed every 15 minutes)".

And, AB Ed., The poll is definitely badly worded.
The intro is all about Dec 19th and that is distracting because the main title above the poll says "Will you be travelling on the roads this Christmas?" Now which is it? Are you deliberately setting out to mislead?

If you really meant the 19th Dec, then I think that should have been in the main title above the poll.
-- answer removed --
I think it is the fact that Dot doesn't see 19th December as being 'Christmas'...................
don't worry about it Nok, just answer it as best you can and pretend it makes sense
Nice one Sandy...I really hope it all works out well xxx
-- answer removed --
Don't single me out jack!!! Do you see Dec 19th as Christmas??? lol
-- answer removed --
ok, point 1, the 19th december is hardly 'last minute shopping' last minute shopping is 5pm Christmas eve just before asda shuts. Also, it's a saturday this year and the traffic on a saturday is less on motorways than any other day except sunday, which it isn't, that must be the next busiest shopping day before christmas this year but not as busy on the roads as there will be hardly any lorries. as regards the actual poll, gen has covered that, so have a pop at them and pull them up on their issues with it
ahhhh, so you agree then that the Dec 19th issue makes no sense whatsoever.
-- answer removed --
point 2, there is no link to any published research on this which would help to explain how the ed arrived at the conclusion and made the statement
-- answer removed --
why are you being picky nok Christmas isn't the 19th December ,and as dot has said last minute shopping is Christmas eve ,i may be traveling long distances on the road to visit family and friends but it also wont be on the 19th it will be 25th and possibly boxing day before i travel back home !!!,i may also travel on the 18th only because it will be my stepsons birthday and want to visit the grave but that has nothing to do with Christmas


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Driving This Christmas

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