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Statistically (I assume from the Highways agency)

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dothawkes31 | 01:06 Tue 15th Dec 2009 | Motoring
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what is deemed to be the most dangerous day to drive on British Roads?


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The morning after a big freeze when the Council has run out of grit.

driving on the roads everyday would not be so dangerous as the drunk drivers or those who cannot drive.
also drivers who are tired...

Walk on the 19th...

My Grandad was hit by a car and died 4 weeks later....on the 19th...

My Aunty (his daughter) died on the 2008...

Walk For Funks Sake
hi person.!!.. i would say a sunday....the day after the night before..!!!
Question Author
I can't walk 15 miles to work ummmm, i'd have to set off at about 3am!
Hey and welcome, "the day after the night before" - Interesting ;p

I can't keep up with what cats these posts are in...
walking can be just as dangerous, one has to be so alert. yesterday on my way walking to work i was almost run over by a young lad who was talking on his mobile while driving.
hhuuummmmm i can do better than that..!! the guy who bumped into me the other day while talking on his mobile was ...walkin..!!!
A few months ago I was on the pavement when an" elderly gentleman" on his mobility scooter almost ran me down, he was on his mobile as well. !
LOL Beccs! That'd also happened to me.
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What a load of old tosh, the risk may be 'ever present', but the probability of it creating 'danger' varies by the day and even by the hour within the day.
Statistically some bright spark will inevitably be able to show that one day is worse than another, by historical analysis of accidents - that's fine if one defines that there is a correlation between 'accidents created' and 'danger'.
Rumour has it that statistically it is the Monday following the weekend in October when the clocks go back.
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there was a day mentioned a while ago that the Vehicle insurance industry has the most claims on a specific day - but dont ask me when it is -

you mean you see cyclists with helmets - BUT how many do you see with lights on at any time of year.
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Dear Dot, the 19th of December is known to be one of the worst days to be on British roads as it is the last Saturday before Christmas. Statistically however the absolute worst day is the day when the clocks go back.

Fridays are also pretty bad! See:

But then again, so are handbags:

All the best,

Drive carefully.

Spare Ed

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Statistically (I assume from the Highways agency)

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