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What's This Car......senior Moment!

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ToraToraTora | 17:18 Thu 04th Apr 2024 | Motoring
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OK it's not a Jensen Interceptor, it has another name but for the life of me I cannot remember it!



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>>> "OK it's not a Jensen Interceptor"

Are you sure?

My son who is quite knowledgable on Classic Cars says it's a Jensen Interceptor ?

if you could photograph it a bit more from the front you could probably just google the licence plate

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It may be another name for a version of it, something like a "phase 4" or sometthing. Most of the normal interceptors seem to have one side vent not two.

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ok my bad it IS an Interceptor III series 4.


Doesn't the FF stand for Ferguson Formula, four-wheel drive?


^^^ See the footnotes in my second link above, DrM.

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ok ignore 18:02 it is the Jensen FF NOT interceptor, that's what I was trying to find. Thanks

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Question Author

FF does stand for Ferguson Formula but oddly enough the designer was Federico Formenti!

When you said it was not a Jensen Interceptor, I was thinking a Scimitar GTE – many years ago a work colleague owned one; I did not think much of it as it had a fibre-glass body which suffered horribly with the paintwork separating from the body.

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I knew it was a Jensen just not an Interceptor, should have made that clearer in the OP.

It certainly is a Jensen Interceptor

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mjwman no it's not it is a Jensen FF, read the link at 18:28

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What's This Car......senior Moment!

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