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Why Does My Car Have No Spare Tyre

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renegadefm | 14:08 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Motoring
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Recently bought a Dacia Duster on finance, but to my complete ignorance I didn't realise it came with no spare wheel.

I rang the garage where I bought it the next day apon realising it had no spare wheel, and they said oh didn't the sales team explain that to you, so I said no they didn't. I basically didn't expect it not to have one. 

Anyway the plot thickens because my partner is a carer and needs the car 24/7. Yesterday evening we were out in it, luckily only travelling at 30mph, and without warning the rear nearside tyre went bang, so I managed to safely bring it to a stand still, and luckily recovery quickly came out and brought the car home, but couldn't fix the tyre as they don't carry spare tyres.

Now we have a car we can't use until Tuesday at the earliest due to it being the Easter weekend, non of the tyre garages around here are open until Tuesday. 

Its worth pointing out the tyre was too damaged to re-inflate at the roadside.

So basically due to a lack of a spare wheel, which typically I grew up thinking was a vital piece of road side repair kit, was not included on my car, and apparently this trend is wider than I thought on most modern cars. 

So why are cars being manufactured without a spare wheel, when all it does is redures the car unusable, and in our case for many days, which is awful as my partner desperately needs it to be operational at all times. 

I can only assume manufacturer's think carrying an extra wheel and jack and tools is added weight, and without it the car will run more economically, and be better for the planet. But if it means calling out recovery trucks surely this means more vehicles on the road equalling more pollution, when ironically if the car had a spare wheel in the first place we could have just replaced the wheel ourselves saving call outs, and had a car we can use all weekend. 

Is there any particular reason this is happening, surely it can't be down to my logic of extra weight? 



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You can get a spare wheel kit... 
14:14 Fri 29th Mar 2024

If you'd had the car recovered to your nearest tyre depot it could probably have been fixed on Saturday.

I blame Christianity.

^^more Muslim tyre shops required^^


Well, according to most Abers, Muslims are brilliant when it comes to blowing things up 😏

Kwik Fit, Halfords etc are all open as normal every day of the Easter Holidays.

I have already told you Halfords will come to your home and change your tyre over Easter. You could have had it done Friday, Saturday or yesterday.  Get it booked in online now and get it sorted.;gclid=Cj0KCQjwk6SwBhDPARIsAJ59GwfvtkiSO9UK_jyLscTsU09rHWjLT54_OFZgciuVRdLnC0tSgZYOmPEaAp_gEALw_wcB


Whether I was on two wheels or four, I always made sure that I had a can of "Emergency puncture repair" kit onboard, purely for personal safety and peace of mind.

It got me out of trouble a couple of times.

OP says the tyre was too badly damaged for such a repair in this case.

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We rang around several tyre garages, Halfords being one of them, and because it was Good Friday they didn't have our tyre size in stick. 

They had a Firestone brand but it was double the price of a budget tyre which is all we can afford. 

Can you believe we only got the tyre repaired this afternoon at 4pm, so affectively we have been without a car since Thursday evening, that's 5 days without a car, all because a car doesn't come with a spare wheel. 

This to me is completely ridiculous, especially as my partner needs the car as she is a carer. 

was it a new car pls?

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No a 2 year old car on finance, but we we're not told cars don't come without spare wheels these days when we bought it.

Its almost like they expect customers to be up to speed with this. 

If I knew this I would never have bought it. 

We have basically been without a car due to an Easter weekend meant we have had no car for 5 days. 

Not a very useful way of motoring is it? 

nope, Dacia are known for cutting corners and not coming with all the frills.  If it was advertised with a spare wheel then you can go back to the dealership to get it. 

If you had read the specs of the car either in the brochure or online you would have known a spare tyre was an optional extra.

You could have got it fixed on Friday if you had checked with all the tyre companies and were prepared to pay, you just assumed they were closed over Easter.

Randy, that's how Dacia keep the prices down - they are probably the cheapest in their class.

Morning Barry. I also have a Dacia Duster -  bout 4 years old - and I also didn't realise it didn't have a spare wheel until this thread, which I told my OH about, and he said that he knew it didn't, but I genuinely had no idea! 

You'll know next time, Smow.  Whenever I buy a new car I always check everything is as it should be before I take possession of it.

Both the AA and the RAC will lend spare wheels to stranded motorists.  When you get your tyre replaced/repaired the loan wheel is left at the garage and the AA/RAC collect it at their convenience.  

Worth knowing

Those of us in the Old Fogey category will remember the same thing happening when they started omitting a starting handle from new cars.

This isn't a new thing - it started around 25 years ago, I'm sure.  The last time I bought a new car, 14 years ago, the spare was an optional extra but I refused point blank to buy the car at the price we'd agreed unless they included the spare wheel.

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