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JinnyJoan | 15:44 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Motoring
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I bought a 2019 i10 car in September last year and now and again when you turn on the ignition, car won't start, turn it again and won't start, turn it 3rd time and it whinnys into life.

I am just in from the dealer who sold it to me (big concern) and he took it round to their mechanics and he came back to me and said computer said there's nothing wrong with it.

So I am in the position that when it happens again with me if I was to bring it back to them - it doesn't happen.

I know it couldn't be battery as after one or two turns your battery wouldn't start at all.

Don't know what to do now - any advice would be welcome cos salesman just dismissed it.  "computer found nothing wrong".  



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Togo is saying (very politely) that it MIGHT be operator error. That's the cheapest option to fix. Make sure you press the clutch very firmly to the floor and see if it cures the problem.

I sometimes have the same problem on mine bhg. That is what me me think of it. 😳

I haven't driven a manual since long before these interlocks became common, so it didn't occur to me. On my automatic Volvo you have to press the brake pedal which has a more definite stop than a clutch which pressing part-way down is usually sufficient when changing gear.

I very much depress the clutch first, second and third times.

Khandro. How did you get your problem fixed

My diesel engine has a delay on startup to give the glowplugs time to heat up before firing. This is common with diesel engines. If your's is diesel, turn the key until the ignition lights on the dash come on but don't try to start, wait a few seconds then turn the key further to start up. It may be that?

Just realised it is a petrol engine. Found this on youtube, not expecting you to take things apart but could be something the dealer could check?


Here is a similar conclusion pointing at the immobiliser/ignition. Scroll down the page to read. Problems&text=There are known issues with,caused by a spurious code.


Am a sorry woman I sold my 2011. No probs with any thing like that

My woman, less than wisely, renewed her car for the latest version of the same model. Now it's so 'space age' with distracting warnings and other deliberate niggles that she ain't happy driving it. But the point is that it has a button to start the engine, one has to push the clutch pedal then press the button; but it occasionally doesn't work. And yes, the pedal is to the floor. The dealer didn't seem concerned when questioned about it, but IMO it should work consistently, yet it doesn't; implying an intermittent fault that they just aren't interested in.

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OG  - that car would be a nightmare to me 

I remember you selling the 2011 car because you was having problems with it, JJ

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No Barry - a very big mistake I made - it was only the clutch went and I had a bad time getting a mechanic like weeks - and I was "put off" - hope I had kept it.  

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