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Still Driving On Summer Tyres?

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miser | 14:03 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Motoring
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This video may surprise you, it's worth watching to the end.;sca_esv=587264773&source=hp&ei=6SZrZZkj9IKFsg_u6YngAg&iflsig=AO6bgOgAAAAAZWs0-QLtoxyH6ZhFWwPN9DZO769V4IdX&ved=0ahUKEwjZu-OT5PCCAxV0QUEAHe50AiwQ4dUDCBA&oq=all+season+tyres+video&gs_lp=Egdnd3Mtd2l6IhZhbGwgc2Vhc29uIHR5cmVzIHZpZGVvMgUQIRigATIFECEYoAFIzX1QAFi3XnAAeACQAQCYAbUCoAGHEKoBCDE4LjMuMC4xuAEMyAEA-AEBwgIREC4YgAQYsQMYgwEYxwEY0QPCAgsQABiABBixAxiDAcICCxAuGIAEGLEDGIMBwgIOEC4YgAQYsQMYxwEY0QPCAg4QLhiABBiKBRixAxiDAcICDhAuGIAEGLEDGMcBGK8BwgIIEAAYgAQYsQPCAg4QABiABBiKBRixAxiDAcICFBAuGIAEGLEDGIMBGMcBGNEDGNQCwgILEC4YgAQYsQMY1ALCAhQQLhiABBiKBRixAxiDARjHARjRA8ICBRAAGIAEwgIOEC4YgwEY1AIYsQMYgATCAhQQLhiDARjHARjUAhixAxjRAxiABMICCBAuGIAEGLEDwgILEC4YgAQYxwEYrwHCAhEQLhiABBjHARivARiYBRiZBcICCxAuGK8BGMcBGIAEwgIGEAAYFhgewgIIECEYFhgeGB0&sclient=gws-wiz#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:06f0ac3c,vid:3N6PGrQ5imw,st:0



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//I think winter and summer tyres must be a foreign practice. //Β It is - and it's a good idea.
14:30 Sat 02nd Dec 2023

I have never changed my tyres; just make sure they have a good tread and are properly inflated.

All a bit foggy this tyre business, in 55 years of driving I've never had a problem with bog standard tyres. Now off road, thats a different ball game I guess, but I've always managed to keep my car on the tarmac. :0)

Question Author

If you click on the top link you will be taken to google vids on all season tyres. Scroll down to 4WD v All Season tyres, it's 12 minutes long but I bet it will surprise most of you.

Not interested in suprises really, and I dare say it will involve spending more money on a product thats not really money well spent. I've alway bought the mid range price tyre, and sometimes the very cheapest and never ever came unstuck in doing so.

I think winter and summer tyres must be a foreign practice. In the UK (or most of it anyway) the extremes seen elsewhere are rare, and changing tyres every half day to suit just ain't worth the hassle.

You got it in one OG. :0)

My even more frozen mate in Inverness has a set of winter wheels and tyres for his car.

Those who live in the tropical paradise of The Shires may not understand.

//I think winter and summer tyres must be a foreign practice. //


It is - and it's a good idea.

Good idea? depends on how much you drive, and where you drive and your driving ability.

I live out in the wilds, nicebloke, and winter isn't kind to  country roads.  A good solid 4x4 is essential here.  We don't change our tyres but whenever we've hired cars abroad - say in Scandinavia -  in winter, the right tyres are fitted as standard.   I do think it's a good idea.  So much safer.

Like I said it does depend on where you drive/live. And I dare say if I lived out in the sticks a four wheel drive and good winter tyres would be money well spent, better than a night stuck in a country lane in freezing conditions waiting for help that may not be on the way. But in 55 years of driving I've only been stuck in snow about 3/4 times, and I think that was in the same year of a very bad winter, solution, take some air out of the tyres, and always carry a spade, it was always job done for me. I hope this winter dont prove me wrong??

There's no good reason it will be me, because I'm retired, so if there is a good snow fall, the car along with me won't be venturing out. I'm also lucky to have many supermarkets / shops around me that I can walk to, also good exercise thrown in. However I do hope people who do have to go to work in such conditions stay out of trouble. When they do forcast such bad conditions they normally request, ( don't drive unless you have too) I don't have too, so I don't, and that helps everyone else.

Question Author

I'm sorry, nicebloke1, the video wasn't aimed at you personally. 



I would never consider buying a car other than one with 4WD. My Skoda superb has permanent 4WD. I once bought a Land Rover Series 3 AirPortable which was ex BAOR. It came with an Artic heater (Norway) and Four spare wheels with new studded snow tyres. It took me days to extract all the metal studs with pincers and screwdriver before I could use them legally as road wheels here in the UK.😟

It's a tiresome business in Germany, I keep winter tyres on all year round and 4 summer-tyred wheels reside at the back of my garage.

The family in the next house to us have 4 cars, or put another way; 36 wheels (inc. spares) to bother with twice a year.

It's really a racket to drum up trade for tyre manufacturers & garages imo.

Question Author

All Season Tyres have the snowflake symbol and are legal in Germany where  winter tyres are required. They perform well all year round in UK except for parts of Scotland  where extreme conditions may be found.

It's all a big Marketing Con😑. 

Being permanently banned nowadays it doesn't affect me but in the Sxties (when there were some appallingly bad winters) I did a daily 20-mile commute in the wilds of Norfolk and never had any problems on standard tyres even on untreated country lanes.

It's just a case of knowing how to handle the (admittedly tricky at times) conditions.  

I did have one near-miss when in a narow lane behind another equally adept driver we encountered an idiot coming the other way - we both pulled up into the verge and halted but idiot-boy jammed on  the brakes and promptly hit the verge and tipped up on his side as he passed us (quite fortuitous as it turned out because this gave a more narrow profile to his vehicle so no collision ensued). Poor lad in front was a bit shaken though.

Question Author

Canary 42, I passed my driving test in December  1958. Back  then tyres were narrower and taller and coped with snow much better than the wide, low profile tyres fitted to family cars today.

Oh, I didn't know that miser, thanks.

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Still Driving On Summer Tyres?

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