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Still Driving On Summer Tyres?

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miser | 14:03 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Motoring
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This video may surprise you, it's worth watching to the end.;sca_esv=587264773&source=hp&ei=6SZrZZkj9IKFsg_u6YngAg&iflsig=AO6bgOgAAAAAZWs0-QLtoxyH6ZhFWwPN9DZO769V4IdX&ved=0ahUKEwjZu-OT5PCCAxV0QUEAHe50AiwQ4dUDCBA&oq=all+season+tyres+video&gs_lp=Egdnd3Mtd2l6IhZhbGwgc2Vhc29uIHR5cmVzIHZpZGVvMgUQIRigATIFECEYoAFIzX1QAFi3XnAAeACQAQCYAbUCoAGHEKoBCDE4LjMuMC4xuAEMyAEA-AEBwgIREC4YgAQYsQMYgwEYxwEY0QPCAgsQABiABBixAxiDAcICCxAuGIAEGLEDGIMBwgIOEC4YgAQYsQMYxwEY0QPCAg4QLhiABBiKBRixAxiDAcICDhAuGIAEGLEDGMcBGK8BwgIIEAAYgAQYsQPCAg4QABiABBiKBRixAxiDAcICFBAuGIAEGLEDGIMBGMcBGNEDGNQCwgILEC4YgAQYsQMY1ALCAhQQLhiABBiKBRixAxiDARjHARjRA8ICBRAAGIAEwgIOEC4YgwEY1AIYsQMYgATCAhQQLhiDARjHARjUAhixAxjRAxiABMICCBAuGIAEGLEDwgILEC4YgAQYxwEYrwHCAhEQLhiABBjHARivARiYBRiZBcICCxAuGK8BGMcBGIAEwgIGEAAYFhgewgIIECEYFhgeGB0&sclient=gws-wiz#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:06f0ac3c,vid:3N6PGrQ5imw,st:0



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//I think winter and summer tyres must be a foreign practice. //Β It is - and it's a good idea.
14:30 Sat 02nd Dec 2023

miser; .../in Germany where  winter tyres are required.../

Winter tyres are not compulsory in Germany, but if you are in an   accident in icy weather, you will most likely automatically take the blame. 

The other marketing con is the claim that some tyres give more miles to the gallon / liter, the more claims = more expensive.

I also believe, and I've said many times before that cars of today tend to be more difficult to handle in the snow to what they were in the 60/70s. They are for starters a lot lighter, alloy wheels, alloy parts, plastic parts and plastic body pannels, all the latter = a much lighter car that floats on the snow. Cars of the past were heavy a dug into the snow giving better grip. Stop on any slight incline today wheather it be just a slight dusting of snow and you will have a job getting going again, thats why we see no end of traffic stuck in long lines, it only takes one car to float out of control. Then you have the biggest problem of all very poor driving in many cases. You know, the pratt who thinks he's a great driver and flys past with foot to the floor showing everyone the way its done. but eh, we've always had them prats, even back in the 60/70s, there just seems to be more of them. :0)

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Khandro, sorry, all the google info must be wrong.



/// flys past with foot to the floor showing everyone the way its done.///


Saw one of those too in Norfolk, came whizzing past me oblivious of the obvious black ice conditions, and I said to myself "I'll see you soon"

Sure enough, at the next sharp bend there he is parked in a field yards away from the road πŸ˜†  πŸ˜†  πŸ˜†  πŸ˜†  

Nicebloke, I think your assertion that modern cars are lighter than old is wrong, e.g. a Mk IV Ford Zephyr (1960s) weighed 1168 kg, 2017 Mondeo 1455kg nearly a third of a ton more. They do, however, have wider tyres which may lead to more 'skiing' 

I think you should all get a grip. πŸ˜

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Still Driving On Summer Tyres?

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