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stanbesida | 01:25 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Motoring
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When I try to start the engine, it makes a clicking sound each time that I turn the ignition key, but the engine won't start?



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Battery is dead

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There is plenty of power in the battery, and I even tried jump starting it, but I still got a ticking sound


OK, my knowledge stops there, sorry.

One used to give the starter motor a brisk 'tap' with a hammer or similar to free it but I suppose technology has moved on a bit.

The starter motor is engaged but jammed. Try putting it in second gear and try if you can pushing the car to disengage it. That's what I used to do with my old  austin 1100!

Yes, technology has moved on a bit. In the early days when you started the car the starter motor turned and "threw" a gear onto the flywheel to turn it. This was a brutal way to treat a gear, causing damage and failing to work properly. For many years now starter motors have been "Pre-engaged", so the gear is permanently attached to the flywheel, so doesn't get damaged. The click is the relay on the starter motor activating which. in turn, allows the motor to turn the engine. Starter motors take several hundred amps and need very clean connections at the battery, starter motor and a thick earth wire; if any of these connections are dirty the resistance will be sufficient to stop the motor turning the engine. If jump-starting it failed the cause could be dirty connections or a failed starter motor.

Or, it could be a faulty solenoid. 

10C - could be but I THINK they are an integral part of the starter nowadays and can't be swapped separately. I could be wrong as it's decades since I had starter motor problems.

If its clicking, the starter solonoid is workingbut not spinning the motor so this tells me it is a faulty earth, which being a Citroen does not surprise me at all.

teeth not interlocked on the ring gear. Put it in gear and rock back and forth then put in nuetral and try again.

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