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goodgoalie | 22:35 Tue 03rd Apr 2018 | Motoring
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Washing my car today I broke the little 'windscreen wiper'-like wiper for one of the headlights. I've never actually used it, but I was wondering if it has any implications for the MoT test. It's quite an old car, and as more modern cars don't usually have these wipers, can I assume it doesn't matter? The test is next week, and I'm stressed enough already!


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I guess the reasoning is that the test is to show that at the time of the test you have on the car what is for long term use and standard for its construction and

The space saver is only for emergencies only .
Some one could have a space saver on at the test - pass the test , but then leave the space saver on the car for along time before replacing with the normal wheel
Bazile - I understand the logic. What you suggested is not illegal, as there is no strict definition of time/miles for "emergency use". What people might do is replace an illegal tyre with the spacesaver just for the test and then put the illegal wheel back on after passing. It just seems unfortunate, albeit a slim chance, that getting a puncture on the way to the Test Centre is sufficient to invalidate the test. As one who books and pays for the test in advance to save £10 I would be aggreived at losing the whole fee.
Well just turn up for the test and pay the garage to sort out the puncture.
They don't do repairs at the MOT place where I go - which is the reason I go there .

No incentive for them to ' invent ' things that require doing .
Question Author
Yes, Baz, I think once Buenchico (who gives excellent advice on AB on a wide range of things) recommended using a council testing facility because, as you say, there's nothing in it for them to 'invent' things that don't really need doing. Unfortunately, there are none of these near where I live, but the local village garage seems pretty good. For the last test, all that was needed was new wiper blades, which they got, fitted and when I went back (after the inevitable pacing around) said it had passed.

So much better than other places I've used who failed the car on something small like a numberplate lamp or brakelight, tell you it's failed and ask if you want them to fit a new one!
goodgoalie //places I've used who failed the car on something small like a numberplate lamp or brakelight, tell you it's failed and ask if you want them to fit a new one! //

What would you have them do?
Pass it with faults?
Repair them without asking you?

If they fail the car and you let them do the repair or you do it yourself without taking the car away, there is no retest fee.

What's the problem?
Yep , council run m o t centres are another good place to go - ive had a m o t done there in the past

I had my 3 rd m o t done on my current car ,a couple of weeks ago at my usual place - it passed the previous 2 tests - this time failed on a tyre

I took the car away had the tyre changed and went back after 3 days
The tester put it back on the ramp did some checks and issued a pass certificate

He did not charge a retest fee
Oh and the test fee was £30 ,which is less than half of the maximum fee
Question Author
bhg - of course I wouldn't expect them to pass it with faults, but if it's just a bulb (or wiper blades in my case) I don't see any problem with them fitting a new one, and I was grateful they'd done it for me.
goodgoalie - no reason why they can't ring and ask first.
Question Author
It passed!

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