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DeeLicious | 13:26 Fri 05th Jan 2018 | Motoring
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Forgive me if this has been asked before, but if you're looking to buy a new car, whether new or used, these days should you get a diesel - I gather they're to be outlawed in the not-too-distant future - or an electric one?


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Mikey, there are already all electric cars. Volvo have said that from next year all their cars will be electric or hybrid, and Jag Landrover have said the same for the year after.
Zacs...of course there already all-electric cars, but as long as they have a range of about 100-150 miles, they will be next to useless for anything other than popping down to Sainsburys.

There is also the massive cost of replacing the batteries when their natural life is up.

In addition, they make next to no noise and are a danger to pedestrians.

Charging is also a major problem for most people, unless they have a driveway or garage to park in, and millions or people don't relying on on-street parking. If I were to use a Nissan Leaf to go to my caravan in Cornwall, the journey would take many hours, instead of the 3.5 hours it takes at present, and that is presuming that I could find somewhere to charge on the way.

Hybrids would seem to be the way to go in the future, although I will predict many millions of ordinary cars will be on our roads for decades into the future.
TWR: every time this comes up you say the same thing. Of course diesel will be used for trucks, etc, we are talking about cars.
Tora, google ‘Tesla semi’.
Another aspect of electric cars ( and trucks apparently) is just where is the electricity going to come from to recharge millions of vehicles in the future ?

In Britain today, we are dangerously near 100% generating capacity, and we need more capacity ASAP.

The added burden of recharging millions of vehicles is not possible at the moment.
ZM I know of the lecky truck, I'm just referring to TWR always assuming, wrongly that I am against diesel, I'm not, I'm against diesel cars.

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