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flobadob | 12:54 Mon 08th Dec 2014 | Motoring
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We are thinking of changing our car and have looked at a 2010 Vauxhall Astra with 40,000 miles on the clock. We took it for a test drive and it seems to be running smoothly and there are no notable marks on the bodywork. My only concern is that there are some signs of corrosion around the engine and a couple of bolts on the engine block are rusted. Is this an issue or just general signs on a 4 year old car. I'm thinking maybe it was lying idle for a while add this may be the reason.

Any advice very appreciated.


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Flob...if you have limited knowledge then get someone who knows, to have a look.The AA or others will inspect for a fee.That said you will find slight corrosion around the exhaust manifold area...this is common and of no concern.
If there is Rust around the Block area, there maybe a chance that this car has Head History, check the hoses! are they new? do they look as if the have been moved, on close inspection you will see where they should have been, what service History has it got? Did you check the bodywork when wet?, Check the Tyres, look at the walls / Centre of the Tyres, are they Ok? what is the Clutch Travel? how far does the Clutch Pedal rise before the car starts to Bite?, check all the carpets also the Boot, take out the spare & check the well for corrosion, there are many things that a good eye is needed regards 2nd hand cars, you have done the First By asking advice, do not be pushed into buying, do NOT TAKE OUT the SO CALLED Extra Warrantee ( Rubbish), when in the car, get it up to max temp, this should sit Half way, let the engine run with the heater on, does it give continues heat? If not, air Lock in the System, check ALL THE ELECTRICS, do they all work? has it 2 sets of keys? does it have the Radio Code, don't forget Flob, it's the buyer market out there, Barter Barter for everything, if you do not like the price, way away there are plenty out there.
look for fine brown dust in the engine bay, signs of overheating.
Generally speaking, nothing to worry about, unless you can see signs of a fluid leak or the alloy being eaten away by corrosion. Nuts & bolts, and mild steel brackets nearly always show some signs of rust after a few years.
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Thanks guys

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Buying Car Question, Engine Corrosion

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