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mungbeanz | 08:28 Tue 13th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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Has anyone else had problems using this service?

I put all the car details in properly and it says that my car is not on their records.

Its SORNed at the moment and I have bought insurance to begin on the 20th December as that's when the car will be returning to England.

The website should be able to find it on their records though surely???


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I've never had any problems, OH and I always use the on-line service. Ours are on-road, though.
Just checked, it says on the front page that you can apply via that service if you have a current SORN certificate. You may have to ring them up if the site's refusing to play.
Has it got a current MOT? Maybe that's the issue.
If you must buy these nicked cars with the numbers filed off .....
Why do you think they'd be able to find the records, it's not insured at the moment.The database they check is for cars that are insured, not cars that will be insured soon.
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Thanks ChuckF. So if the car is uninsured then it will not be on the DVLA database for tax Ok. So I have to wait until 20th to tax it. My next question is can i drive the car with out a tax disk in the windscreen just from Folkestone to Birmingham?
I thought you could if. Print off a receipt from the DVLA site.
I don't think the printing of anything really matters, as long as your car isn't seen in any car parks without a tax disc you should be ok driving for a couple of hours. If on the off chance you got pulled over and the police saw no tax disc it would take them a matter of seconds to run it through their system and find out the car was taxed.
"just from Folkestone to Birmingham?" lol you make it sound like its a 5 minute trip.

I imagine you could with the receipt and you don't take any detours but im no expert.
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Thanks for your answers. I will take the risk (actually it looks like i have to take the risk) . I promise I wont stray off the M40 RATTER.
The offence is failure to display, not failure to be taxed so in theory the police could do you.
Your problem is almost certainly caused by your insurance details not yet being in the DVLA database.

My wife's car tax ran from 1st April every year. The car was purchased around 20th March, which is when the insurance ran out/needed renewing. We could never tax the car online as the insurance details were never updated in time. One year we taxed the car for 6 months to move the date. End of problem.
If your car is on a SORN and you drive it, you will ping every police car that has an ANPR camera.

Has it got a current MOT?
If you have all the right paperwork (registration document, insurance certificate, MOT) then you could get a tax disc at a post office counter.

It will be backdated to the 1st of December though.
The insurance doesn't start until the 20th!

They can't buy tax until it has valid insurance that's in date!
You can drive your car without road tax providing you prove an MOT appointment at your destination.
Good point Chuck. A disc could be issued on the 20th at a Post Office.

However in my experience it is usually the Doctor's receptionist's sister behind the counter.
Tambo makes a good point, and that is true for a SORNed car aswell.
But good luck trying to explain why you've booked an MOT in Birmingham when the car started it's journey in Folkstone.

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