V5 And Plate Transfer When Buying A Car

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Peaspeculiars | 20:57 Sun 21st Feb 2016 | Motoring
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Hi All, just a quickie:
I went to look at a car in a private sale yesterday and it's a goer. I aim to buy it this coming Saturday, pick it up and drive away.
However, the seller used to have private plates for a couple of years. They registered the transfer of the old standard plates back onto the car in January 2016 ready for sale, BUT the V5 doc still states that the private plates are on the car - they are still waiting for the new V5 doc with the old standard plates noted on it.

I have done a Parkers vehicle check (all ok) and the DVLA online check states that the car is currently taxed under the old standard plates - If I buy the car with the old V5 will the sale become null & void if I sign as the new keeper on it, and will I be able to tax & insure without the new V5? The DVLA are definitely aware that the plates have been transferred, it's on their system as taxed to the correct plates, just not on paper.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I will of course also be calling the DVLA tomorrow to follow it up, but am fretting now in the interim :-(
Thanks, Peas


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Peas...after a plate transfer the notification to fit the new plates is usually followed closely (around 3 days) with the new V5 showing the new plates.I dont think you will have a problem by signing as a new keeper but it will complicate matters.Why is there such a delay with the new V5?I would wait for the new V5 before parting with my cash.
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Hi Bright Spark, Thanks for the advice - Yes, I'm starting to wonder why they haven't got it also as it's over two weeks ago that they did the transfer. I guess it pays to be patient, I'll have to ask them to let me know when the new V5 comes in before I buy
Thank you
Peas.....have you seen the paperwork from the DVLA advising the seller to display the new plates.
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I haven't no, They said that they registered the plates as transferred and my Parkers vehicle history check backs this claim up as it corresponds with the date they gave as 'The current plate was transferred to this vehicle' (and gives the correct/ current plates and the correct date.
They seem to be a really genuine couple, and the old V5 is all correct apart from the plates. They have all the car's service history in their name etc. I just wish they had the current V5, would be really simple then, Ah well, I will ask them to get the new V5 and we'll go form there.
Thanks once again Bright Spark :-)
Does the VIN on the car match that on the V5?
Question Author
Hi BHG, yes, the VIN matches. I spoke to the DVLA this morning and they confirmed that I wouldn't be able to tax or insure the car on the old V5, so advised that I ask the seller to get a new V5 copy before I buy it.
I've contacted the seller and they have the document from the DVLA which confirms the plate transfer, but not the new V5, so they will have to get a copy if they have misplaced it as it should have come through by now, the DVLA confirmed a new V5 would have been sent in the post within x10 working days - sigh

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V5 And Plate Transfer When Buying A Car

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