How Much Was Your Insurance Claim, £50 Million.

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sapelesam | 23:59 Thu 04th Jan 2018 | Motoring
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Can you imagine the owner of the Land Rover at the heart of the Liverpool car park fire, answering honestly on his next car insurance quote. Have you had any recent claims, yes, £20 million for 1400 cars destroyed, probably £30 million to rebuild the car park.


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Do you know what caused that car to explode? I'm surprised they haven't gone down the planted bomb route.I wonder if they would be able to tell what caused it.
>>> £20 million for 1400 cars

According to my calculator, that makes the average claim £14,285. I have to assume that there are some very wealthy people attending the Liverpool International Horse Show, as on most mult-storey car parks around here the average value of the cars parked there is probably only a tenth of that figure!
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On the day I suggested 10-15 million, a spokesperson for the insurance industry stated approx 20 million. I suppose if you add the loss of the car, personal belongings, car hire, hotels and other forms of transport home, it could be 20 million. An eye witness saw a Land Rover going up in flames, incendiary device is possible.
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I've just read that people have been trying to salvage personal belongings, have they not seen the pictures. Extra security has been brought in.
There's a long history of personal belongings being 'salvaged' from vehicles in the area.
what a mess !
>>>According to my calculator, that makes the average claim £14,285.

A brand new Range Rover or equivalent can be £50,000 or more.

And remember some of the people exhibiting their horses at the show (or attending) will have expensive cars.

Also people drive from all over the country to visit the show, not just people from Liverpool.

One couple interviewed on TV after the fire had driven over from Ireland and checked out of their hotel so all their luggage, clothing and personal belongings was in their car.

Look around the average multi storey car park and you see many cars worth £15,000 or £20,000 so the figure of around £14,000 per car is not unreasonable.

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How Much Was Your Insurance Claim, £50 Million.

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