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End Of Tax Discs Cost £80M, As Unlicensed Vehicles Soar.

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mikey4444 | 13:05 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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We told them it wouldn't work, but the Government carried on regardless...will they never listen ?


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IN Manchester the ANPA most of the arterial roads

and dont stop you - you just get a demand ....
Would you agree with having to put a TV licence disc in your house front window though, mikey? Surely that would lead to a reduction in evasion similar to that you think would come from reinstating a tax disc in cars?
It maybe , mikey, that this is another of those things (like bedroom tax and tax credit cuts) that's a goodd idea in the longer term but needs to wait until all the ancillary things are in place- like number plate recognition/tax cameras for all major routes, selected petrol stations and maybe for traffic wardens too
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PP...(14:10)...I am not sure that your analogy with the TV License is altogether appropriate.

Almost 100% of homes now have a TV, and therefore the same percentage will require a TV License. But not everybody owns a car.

But my point still stands....looking at this issue from a cost basis, it would appear to a backward step. Perhaps that will improve in future years though.

Speaking of the surveillance from my area of South Wales, DVLC cars and vans parked at the side of the road are very common sight, although I can see the DVLC buildings from my bedroom window !
>Almost 100% of homes now have a TV, and therefore the same percentage will require a TV Licence

So a sticker in the window would be good then. You could offer a £10 reward to anyone who 'shops' someone without one. And in some areas the TV vans can go round, scan the windows and catch more than enough dodgers to make it worthwhile.
The new system is the right way, the £80m is only one side of the story, they have regained 10 times that in fines and also on double duty on any car sale.
then there is the squillions saved on not having the whole department that sent bits of paper out.
I live in an area where most houses do not have a drive way and therefore have to park on the public highway. On the 1st of every month at around 7.30am-8.00am there is a ANPR car that patrols the streets. I can't remember the agency name on the side but I think it is DVLA. They are checking for untaxed or uninsured vehicles and we usually see this car in our way to work. On returning in the evening there are a few vehicles in the surrounding streets that have those black and yellow notices attach to the windscreen directly in front of the drivers vision. I will probably see this vehicle on Tuesday next.
I think that is a very one sided report.

How much was saved by the civil service by getting rid of the paper discs.

This is also 2015 we need to move forward and move with the times, paper discs are no longer needed.

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End Of Tax Discs Cost £80M, As Unlicensed Vehicles Soar.

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