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Crack In Windscreen

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kopend | 13:16 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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yesterday afternoon i was driving down the motorway when a small stone hit the windscreen - which made a liitle dent and crack

anyway last night whilst driving home the crack has got much longer (about 12" long)

i was going to take it to be repaired this morning - but has it gone past the point of repair now ?


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Check your insurance. Mine used to do free windscreen repairs/replace with no effect on the policy or NCB.

Damage of up to 40mm across can sometimes be repaired, depending on where in the screen it is situated. If the damage is right in front of the driver - in the area known as the 'A zone' - only damage up to 10mm can be repaired. This is slightly less than the size of a 5 pence coin.
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the hole is only small - but its the crack i am worried about

i think i have to pay the excess on the insurance for a new widscreen but not a repair

im just not sure if they can repair cracks ?
Unlikely they can repair a crack that big. It wouldn't be safe.
yes, well past repairable.

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Crack In Windscreen

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