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Charging Point For Electric Cars

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AB Editor | 09:56 Tue 14th Oct 2014 | Motoring
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"You cannot be serious!"
Huh ?
I have plenty of chargers in my house, why does the EU want me to have more ?
no - we need to get away from this strainge idea that electric cars are in someway good for the environment.
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Ed, I guess this is about electric cars, but I don't know anything about the "EU push" - have you got a link, please?
Electric cars are not an answer whilst we face issues generating the electricity demands of the future already. Maybe after some "miracle" breakthrough (invention/discovery) and we can somehow generate masses of cheap, clean, power. Otherwise it is an additional burden, not a solution.
Electrically powered vehicles are nothing new. We called them trolleybuses.
yes methly, if the power is generated by non fossil fuels I'd agree, sadly the word "nuclear" scares the eco warriors to death so sadly most power is still generated by fossil fuels.
Successive governments have dragged their heels over nuclear power because anything nuclear scares joe public and is therefore bad for elections.
Until we have an ample supply of cheap, clean nuclear power we will be dependent on other countries for our supplies of fossil fuels. This is not a good thing!
Electric vehicles, dependent on electricity from fossil fuels, merely shift the pollution from one place to another and in no way be seen as a "Green Alternative".
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The onle effective electric vehicles were milk floats ( quiet and did not wake the customers), these new fangled cars cost the earth ( no pun intended) for batteries which need replacing every few thousand miles, the sellers seem to have forgotten this detail in the sales pitch.
How much does it cost to make a battery?
earth shattering.....

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Charging Point For Electric Cars

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