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The Cost Of Motoring

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AB Editor | 13:01 Tue 18th Dec 2012 | Motoring
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The cost of driving keeps on going up. Have you changed your driving habits/style to lower costs?

  • Yes. - 164 votes
  • 56%
  • No. - 131 votes
  • 44%

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Although the car I have is a powerful car & I'm always tried at traffic lights by the "Go faster stripe brigade" I keep to a sensible speed, If the speed is there Eg/ a long line of forward going traffic on the Motorway, I will overtake get away from them then return to my comfortable speed, the car is checked every week so the running side of the car is right.
I do the driving that I need to do and haven't driven for amusement for many years
Yes, Im walking more to places I would normally do short drives to - say up to 5 miles.
like woofgang, i have my car because i need it to get to work.
i do not use it at weekends, preferring to go by bus if i do go anywhere.
when using it, i tend not to be heavy-footed, thereby minimalising fuel use
I don't use the car for trips under 2 miles (return) which covers most things on the Bay, anything over that and, due to location, a car is essential.
My car is essential because I can't go anywhere except by car. However, whereas I used to pop out several times a day to go into town or visit friends etc., I think hard about it and if I need to do things do it all on only one or two days a week.
We have no public transport whatsoever. If I don't drive I don't live!! I physically can't walk the distance into town and besides that it would also would involve a two mile walk down a narrowish main country road, no pavements and lots of bends and loads of lorries.
I drive to and fro work and the shops. Sometimes I park and ride but only if I'm on a day shift. I shop around for fuel and make sure I use the 3p off vouchers but otherwise I keep going. It costs somewhere in the £40's to fill my car and I just acept that its sometime £44 and others £48. Of course it would be nice if it were £25 again but I'm just thankful I can afford it every couple of weeks.

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The Cost Of Motoring

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