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Cheapest motoring?

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EverClean | 11:12 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Motoring
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What's the cheapest monthly cost to finance a car? I'm looking to put nothing down and I don't mind if I walk away with nothing - I just want to finance something for the lowest it will cost me per month. Is it a loan and pay back monthly? Is it best to HP? What abouth these deals where you lease the car?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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APR on the cars finance company are usually 10% upwards to silly amouts of 19% so you are best getting a personal loan at 6% and the car is owned by you then, Lease is ok if you want to keep changing the car every two years or so but you will need a double payment at the begginning usually. Have a look at vauxhall corsas they are doing 0% finance and free insurance.
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Thanks Donna.

APR's don't concern me - I'm interested in the lowest monthly payment. I'm not bothered about owning the car or changing it either. In a way it would be cheaper not to pay up front for an item that will depreciate in value over the time it takes me to pay it off.

I could buy at �5,000 and by the time I've paid it off (say 3 years) it'll be woth �3,000 or less.

I'll have a look at the Corsa deals.

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Cheapest motoring?

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