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Pay As You Go Motoring - would it change how you drive?

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AB Editor | 09:52 Wed 13th Oct 2010 | Motoring
9 Answers
Pay As You Go motoring is a form of road taxation in which motorists are charged on a per mile basis. The cost of each mile depends on various factors, including: how heavy the congestion is, what time of day it is, and the total number of miles travelled.

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How Would "Pay As You Go" Motoring Change The Way You Drive?

  • I wouldn't change anything - 12 votes
  • 52%
  • I would change the times of day when I drive - 5 votes
  • 22%
  • I would avoid driving in towns to avoid congestion charges - 5 votes
  • 22%
  • I would change the overall distance I would drive - 1 vote
  • 4%

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I drive places because I have to. I live in one rural village and work in another rural village 15 miles away. I have to be there are a certain time and public transport is not an option. I take my car out because I have to. I would be pretty peeved if I was going to be penalised for it.
I think the British Motorist pays too much for the condition of the UK roads, & don't start saying the HGVs do not pay enough, the next time you are parked up to a HGV just check his / her road tax! I think that should answers peoples ?? But they should start charging the increase flow of traffic that comes into the UK every day, they do not pay SOD ALL, is that fair?
I use public transport all the time and don't drive anywhere. Costs a lot cheaper than running a car and I don't have to worry about driving.
stupid question i think. i voted C- i COULDN'T change anything apart from my job - which is not an option these dark days
I have to drive 23miles to work & 23miles back every week day, not by choice its a must i CANNOT use public transport it would take way to long & cost unknown, i leave for work at 06.40 and get home at 18.30 on a good day, thats all but 12 hours every day,
how long would it take by public transport - not a clue, there are no direct train services & no stations near where i work - buses don't go on the M2 - there are no other options can't even do it on pushbike.
i drive 9 miles to work each day, i know it isn't far but i actually cross through 3 or 4 boroughs on doing so. to get to work by bus i would probably have to catch 4 buses and would add extra hour or son to my journey each way, plus we all know public transport isn't always time reliable.
It depends ED really on whether it's instead of all the other taxes or as well as. I'd be happy to pay per mile if there was no fuel duty, road tax etc etc.
Question Author
It has been proposed as a replacement to Road tax (at least) - but there are various versions of the system being thrown about.

Spare Ed
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I would be happy with it as long as people (unneccesarily) driving great big gas guzzlers were stung proportionally more.
IMO, people driving anything with a fuel consumption of more than say 15mpg or having an engine size of more than 3 litres (unless it was necessary for their work) should have to pay waaaay more.
Personally, I only drive when I need to eg.
a) Because my destination is far away/awkward to get to by other means.
b) I need to transport stuff that couldn't be carried on public transport/cycle/foot.
c) If it's p!ssing down.
d) The destination has parking/congestion charge issues.

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Pay As You Go Motoring - would it change how you drive?

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