windscreen half demisting

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old-wos-is-name | 18:55 Fri 30th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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My mondeo has the heated front window, which demists on one side only, a perfect straigh line right down the centre. could this be a fuse, a plug or is the window naff?


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If correct, one input connection feeds the full front screen, what have you been using to clean the screen?
I suffered something similar on my old Mondeo, with a central band about 40mm wide which did not demist.

It is almost certain that this was due to a poor electrical connection of the windscreen heating elements – either at the top or bottom of the screen. It was never a big enough issue for me to investigate. But yours sounds more serious – it could be a fuse, if there are fuses supplying either windscreen side (but I doubt it).

From memory, there was no obvious way of getting to any windscreen electrical connections.

Of course – if you have fully comprehensive insurance, your screen could break/crack and it would normally be replaced without loss of no-claims (check your policy; an excess might still be payable).
the feed to the screen is split 50-50, not sure on a mondeo but on a focus the feed is in each lower corner under the scuttle trim could just be a bad connection/corrosion on the side thats not working at worst the terminal has broken on the screen.
I had a stone chip repair done on the passenger side my Mondeo windscreen. Some months later I noticed that side did not heat up.
I assumed it was because the fine wiring had been damaged by the stone or the repair. Probably was because of the repair; but by the time I noticed it would have been hard to prove to the windscreen repairers.

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windscreen half demisting

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