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ZebbyUK | 20:36 Wed 11th May 2016 | Other Vehicles
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I'm a delivery driver and I deliver food (frozen, chilled and ambient) to premises (pubs, burger vans, hotels, restaurants etc.) and sometimes the vans a packed full.

Some drivers have trays of bread placed on the passenger seat and when this happens more than one tray, often three or four trays.

Just how road legal is this please?


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Only illegal if the load is 'insecure' and a safety hazard. I can't see trays of bread being a hazard.
They are a "hazard" if they are meant to be kept cool but are sitting in the sun for days on end and going off rapidly.
I meant a Road safety hazard. How many delivery drivers keep a stock of bread in the van for 'days on end'?
Soz, I read three or four trays as three or four days. I have a touch of hayfever so my eyes are playing up..
They do present a hazard, even if not illegal.

When the need comes to brake urgently, there is a danger that the driver will be concerned that the trays could topple off the seat. He or she may not brake hard enough, and an accident may ensue.

However, I suspect a policeman may consider them an insecure load.
^^ Would that be a 'Roll Over'?
Nice one Eddie.

It's the same reason why ladies should put their handbags in the footwell, not on the unused passenger seat.

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