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stuelwell | 00:05 Sun 02nd Sep 2007 | Other Vehicles
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hi i have a nissan delivery van similar to the vannette and when ever it gets warm it blows out black smoke, but if im on a motorway and have my foot down it seems to "Blow out" as it seems to pick up speed and the smoke goes. any ideas as the smoke is very bad and would like an idea befofe i take it to a garage and they suck there teeth and say "ITS GONNA BE A NEW ENGINGE IM AFFRAID" thanks in advance stu


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if you have changed air filter and still black smoke then its injectors not operating properly,its really overfueling ,,black smoke is unburnt fuel
engine knackered is blue smoke,,,
i served my time on cars with the same engines thats in nissan vanette albeit the 2.7 diesel. this one has more or less the same engine and the fuel pump can be adjusted on these engines to cure black smoke as we used to have to do it to get the tx1 taxis through its council test/mot in glasgow. worth a shot.

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pooly van

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