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barry1010 | 14:05 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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I got  this week's and last week's 1% questions straight away.  Anyone else think the final questions are getting much easier?



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Aren't you a clever sausage. You should enter to go on the programme. 

I still only get about 50% right as I'm useless with numbers

I thought this week's was ridiculously easy but cannot remember last week's qn

I felt sorry for the person who said 'siblings' instead of 'family members'


just as simple now as that other dumb downed Show Just Connect .

Do you mean Only Connect johnny 

Question Author

Never heard of that, Johnny.

Last week's was the compass directions NSSEW, as an example.

I wouldn't do well on the show, I freeze in front of any camera and there is usually at least one question I just can't answer.

I was gutted for the siblings chap

We didn't get the 1% question, was too slow.  Grandson got it within couple of seconds and he is 11.  I must be getting to old and slow.  Mind I did get almost all the other ones.

Question Author

Good for your grandson, shedman .

yes I meant only connect and I don't think it has dumbed down it has got more abstract if anything 

I took thought the 100% question was easier than normal. 

I still didn't get the answer in time though.

Question Author

Some answers just jump out at me, this week's last question was one of them.  I couldn't get one question, though, I wouldn't have got it without the time limit.

Can't think what is was.

For interest, what was the question?

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