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Ant And Dec’s 20Th Anniversary Show

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Caribeing | 21:18 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Ant and Decs 20th Anniversary show, how annoying were "little Ant and Dec" ! How do they pick them!



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I recall when this duo first appeared on our screens, they achieved something many thought impossible – they made Noel Edmonds look good.

I just can't understand their popularity.  Yes they see annoying and not talented in any way.

Are  not see!

A show I've never seen.  I think they're really funny - but I've only seen them occasionally on I'm a celebrity and Britain's got talent.  Whatever they're doing it's working.  Good luck to them.

they aren't worth 700 million each just for "talking".  Not for me any more

I've never seen them on anything except trailers for their shows.  They just seem bland to me

Thank heavens I missed it.

Wouldn't watch them if you paid me.

I might Gill, if paid enough, but I'd turn the sound off !

Just switch channels, I do.

agree about the new little Ant and Dec  but i liked the Simon Cowell bit x

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Ant And Dec’s 20Th Anniversary Show

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