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The Carpenters

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Bazile | 21:34 Sat 24th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Just been watching a documentary about the life of the Carpenters .

What a voice Karen had -  so unique and  natural, yet  effortles  and powerful .

Anyone agree ?



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I do agree.

She had a beautiful tone. You could hear the emotion in her voice. 

I think she had one of the greatest voices ever committed to record.

Fantastic voice. She was an excellent drummer too, which often gets overlooked.

Question Author

No doubt about that Andy .

There are / were a few singers with amazing natural voices . However she must be at  the top .



Absolutely amazing voice and a Harridan of a mother.

Her voice was a one off wonderful voice.  

I doubt that you'll find many people who'll disagree with you about the quality of Karen Carpenter's voice, Baz.  (I certainly won't!).

Rumer has been compared to KC.  She's certainly got that same relaxed feel in her singing:

I watched the same documentary and agree with your post but what a sad ending to her life.

Question Author

^^^indeed - what a terrible illness

Yes, loved Karen Carpenter and love Rumer too, Chris ...

Never heard of Rumer, but I like that record and I can just imagine Karen Carpenter singing it.

Agree, but she did have a tendency to be maudlin and dreary very often.


Often overlooked, another beautiful voice, but of a different genre was Judith Durmam of The Seekers.

Mjw - That's probably more down to the songs she was given to sing.

I loved her voice - such clear tones.  Judith Durham too.  I always align one with the other.

Lena Zavaroni had a tough time of it too.

Yes absolutely, a wonderful voice. Eva Cassidy was pretty special too.

Oh yes, Margo.  Another in that same superb class.

Karen Carpenter, Dusty Springfield and Judith Durham are my top 3, ranked in no particular order.

Until very recently we sang in a quartet and we performed  several byKaren and Judith.  Both had tremendous range and power and were very difficult to emulate - and I have a range of 3 octaves. They were so smooth on the transitions and high and low and middle strengths were almost equal.  

Don't forget Petula Clark, who was actually a friend of Karen Carpenter.   Together they went to visit Elvis Presley after one of his Vegas shows and, because Petula sensed he was expecting to bed both of them, they left quickly

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The Carpenters

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