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Just For Fun! Name A Uk/British ………

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Smowball | 16:02 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Name a UK/British detective/ mystery/ crime series - either current or old, still running or not seen for ages. There must be god knows how many! I'll start with a couple!





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father brown

          // I haven't read every page, but apart from retrocop's avatar - has anyone mentioned 'Dixon of Dock Green'.  ///

Oui Jourdain. C'est moi. Ist Page. Second Post.  xx                      

Mrs Bradley Mysteries

Question Author

I love that this is still going lol.

Tales of the Unexpected

Question Author

Hey you can't sleep either? Or just up very early lol?

😀     😀     😀     😀     😀     😀     😀     😀     

So many duplicated answers, Smow - especially (most of) mine.
However, I am confident of this one:                               Spooner's Patch
1979-1982, originally written by Ray Galton and Johnny Speight, about a corrupt Police Station.

141 to 148 of 148rss feed

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Just For Fun! Name A Uk/British ………

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