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Not A Dry Eye In The House.......

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ToraToraTora | 15:19 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Bring back Jezza, May and the Hamster.



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I think it's the correct decision, but a shame nonetheless.  I liked the new trio - even Chris Harris grew on me.

I also enjoyed "Jezza, May and the Hamster" presenting "The Grand Tour" on Prime -

I never watched Top Gear.

Out of three presenters, it's occasional to dislike one, two is possible, three is unlikely. 

I was the 'unlikely' - I loathed all three of them.

I always found the format to be Last Of The Summer Wine, with cars.

Grown men pratting about for no good reason. 

I know it was popular, so it's a shame for its fans that it's not coming back.

I never watched...

I always found...

Do you get all of your analysis in pill form?

Douglas - Happy to clarify - I have seen sections of episodes at the houses of friends and relatives when they have been watching. 

I have never watched it voluntarily, and I have never seen an episode from start to finish.

Hope this helps.

👍 🙄

leave it Doug - it wont make sense

'I have never watched it' equals I have watched bits....when you become a mod do you undertake and have to pass a module on 'illogic'?(*) and then "a whole episode" creeps in to clarify things.

(*)optional add-on "the non-sequitur in the new century"

I am glad I am not a mod

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Not A Dry Eye In The House.......

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