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maggiebee | 20:33 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Went to the cinema today to see this film. Took me a minute or two to tune into the Irish accents but the acting was superb. Set in 1969 it shows the "troubles" through the eyes of a 9 year old. Full of nostalgia for me through the music, TV shows etc. One not to miss.


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Trailer Number 1 here:

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Pure cuteness here ;-)
Looking forward to seeing it
I heard a lot about this film this morning from a chap we sometimes meed whilst dog-walking. He runs a film club and is in charge of selection. He stayed up until the small hours to watch this on an American site last night.
From what he said - it is definitely not one to miss, whole cast (Branagh, Dench etc.) were wonderful - as was the child actor. He's buying a showing for his club - at some expense.
I didn't think Kenneth Branagh was in the film?
He is not in the film - he produced/directed it about what life was like for him when he was 9 years old.
well might have to get subtitles - Belfast accent can be hard to understand. I've difficulty myself LOL
According to our acquaintance he was, very definitely. Can't imagine he's wrong because we got into a discussion about Branagh's Henry V.
Ah, that explains it JJ. Thanks.
oh are you saying Jourdain - he was in the movie - I didn't know that.

I will have to wait until DVD comes out - it always has subtitles.
Jourdain - think you and I are getting mixed up LOL -

Mr Buenchico Chris will know if Kenneth Brannagh was in the movie. The man knows every thing.
>>> Mr Buenchico Chris will know if Kenneth Brannagh was in the movie. The man knows every thing.

Buenchico knows nowt about owt!!!

However he does know where to look for info. KB is only credited as writer, director and co-producer on IMDb, not in any acting role:
Thanks,JJ and Buenchico. I was surprised to hear that KB was in the film at all -that wasn't mentioned in any of the pre-release articles I'd seen.
There is a Branagh shown in the cast on IMDB but it's Sir Kenneth's sister, Joyce.
Oh dear! Sorry for starting all this - misunderstanding on my part in the first place and then cross-posted with jenny. :(
Thanks, Jourdain. I was just surprised to hear how good KB had been (most definitely!) when I had never seen his role mentioned. It was a very brief confusion, so no harm done.
I'm looking forward to the film, but will probably need to wait for the DVD for subtitles too, not for me so much as OH. Although I am looking out for a cinema showing with subs as they do sometimes oblige even if its the early morning showing.
PS. For anyone who needs them, Odeon cinemas do certain showings with subs, or Open Captions as they call them.

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