The Apprentice.......

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ToraToraTora | 11:41 Sat 15th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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How useless were the boys? They made a tooth brush that looked like a Richard the third, got zero orders. The girls did much better and got 11000 orders. Lord Sugar: "The girls had planet Saturn, yours looks like it came from Uranus!" - PMSL!
I watched 5 minutes of that before I made her switch it off. The turd brush was unbelievable. A good illustration of why men only cabinets and boardrooms are a bad idea.
and none of them realised the obvious connection between the t.rd toothbrush and the name 'Wiffy the Wizard'.unbelievable
They are more ludicrous and thick than ever. I couldn't understand why he kept saying a wand is brown. All my life a wand has been black, usually with a silver tip. Only at the end did I realise --ahh I've never read Harry Potter...
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the problem for all of them is that they want to win the show obviously but they have to find a way to work together and at the same time throw each other under the bus. They cannot possibly be as dim as they come across, can they?
TTT - we should not lose sight of the end product - entertainment.

It is carefully edited to show people how the producers wish to present them to the audience.

If you think how spontaneously witty Lord Sugar actually is, compared with his sledgehammer humour squeezed out through gritted teeth that he offers when a camera points at him, you can see how realistic the rest of it is, or actually, isn't.
Perhaps the show winner could replace Boris Johnson ?
They prove me wrong every year, every year I say they can't get any thicker and every year they do.
zebo - // They prove me wrong every year, every year I say they can't get any thicker and every year they do. //

They are playing a game, an old game now and everyone knows how it goes.

The participants deliver ludicrous sound bytes which are edited into entertaining television.

But remember, each of these people runs a successful business, some more than one, so although scripting and editing conspire to make them appear 'thick' - it is one thing they are all clearly not.

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The Apprentice.......

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