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Smowball | 21:17 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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That out of the fabulous Vicar Of Dibley cast, only 2 of the original cast are still alive!? Even the incredible Emma Chambers who played Alice Tinker died aged just 53 from a sudden heart attack. Am shocked tbh. It was just an amazing series.


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that's right Smow - poor Emma died 4 years ago - so young.
which 2?
Yes. It has gradually dawned on me. I feel bereft and more than a little elderly t.b.h.. :(
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Dave I think Dawn herself and ‘Hugo’.
Hugo's real life wife has just been in Call the Midwife
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I didn’t know that Barry x
How are you keeping, Smow?
I find that with a lot of series I rewatch. I forget how long ago some of them were made. Dad's Army and Last of the Summer Wine are prime examples.
Roo, my elderly relative was watching a new series the other day and asked me if the large, middle aged woman was Mrs Slocombe (Are You Being Served). The marvelous Molly Sugden would be 100 this year and it is 37 years since the end of AYBS.
//Hugo's real life wife has just been in Call the Midwife//

Yes, Jane Booker. Absolutely superb as "Felicity Spicer-Gibbs" in the series "Don't Wait Up" (late 80's IIRC). Felicity was Doctor Latimer Senior's receptionist at his private dermatology clinic in Harley Street. Always upstaging her boss (played by the late great Tony Britton).

Jane was great in last night's "Midwife" episode:

Councillor Buckle (Annabelle Apsion) when confronted in her shop by the angry constituent played by Jane: "You'll have to make a formal appointment."

Angry Constituent: "This is a formal appointment - I've got me best coat on".
Felicity is the character that brought Jane Booker to my attention, her timing was superb. I'm surprised we didn't see a lot more of her on tv and I was delighted to recognise her on CTM.
Barry - 37 years, how can that be possible?
Pulls you up short, doesn't it, roo? I am always shocked when I discover a professional such as a doctor was born in the 90s.

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