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bobbie22 | 21:41 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Media & TV
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What on earth is happening?


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Caran's been asking the same question every Saturday for ages ;-)
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I don’t know who these people are and I have been watching from day one. I know Tess. Are they in the past or the present ?
Tonight? I am recording it, but here's the write up - it's set about this time last year.

Remember Me, Part 1
Casualty Series 36
As the team battle to keep the ED supplied with oxygen at Christmas, a troubled patient from the past returns for revenge.
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I think I read that it’s a two parter mama. Maybe it will get clearer ?
Actually there must be flashbacks to much earlier and I misunderstood the pre programme announcer.
It's Christmas 2020 and some of the story is relating to something that happened in 2006.
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OH. You have to watch. Maybe it will make sense next week.
Review from the Radio Times website:
"This two-part doomy, gloomy, not-so-festive special is quite odd. It appears to be set not in 2021, but in December 2020, back when the tier system was about to go haywire and our Christmasses would all be ruined.Yet there’s no plot-specific reason why Casualty has opted to rewind the clock, as the main storyline, which involves the reappearance of Holly Aird as Munchausen by proxy sufferer Laura Merriman, could easily have taken place in the present day. And with on-screen captions not exactly making matters clear, I expect many will be left puzzled by such sights as Iain back working for the helicopter emergency medical service and Charlie grieving so acutely again for Duffy. Rather than being thrilling, it’s borderline baffling."

Yup, it's Aunty Beeb's idea of a Christmas present to fans of the series. Perhaps they'd rather have socks, though?
I haven't seen it yet. Had to record it while celebrity was on. OH watching footie now.
The other day we were out and about. Went through a village called Parkend. There is a railway station there. Lots of activity, vans, lighting equipment etc. Last time this happened they were filming Casualty where the train, car and barrier crashed killing, I think, it was Ethans girlfriend.
It took quite a long time for the filmed episode to come on tv. So it could be a long time again before it is screened.
I agree, absolutely ridiculous. No rhyme or reason to what is going on.
Why are they doing this to such a popular programme?
Why was there an injured paramedic in the back of an ambulance.
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I think that was Josh Caran. It’s many years since he was in the programme. He was also in another scene
But why was josh there?
Oh for the good old days when normal every day goings on were on casualty .I gave up watching last night .Whoever is writing the scripts these days have ruined a very enjoyable series .

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