The Teacher.

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Sqad | 21:46 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Media & TV
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BBC I Player.
Binge on it.
How would you cope with this very human situation?
Who's side are you on?


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Just started to watch it. Will binge the rest this afternoon then come back to discuss.
Is this the American one with the young female teacher (early 20s) who starts tutering a boy (age 16/17?) and they end up in a sexual relationship then word gets out
If it is then I seen it about a year ago on iplayer/BBC website & got hooked on it for the first few binge watching then got a bit bored near the end
I was hooked on this. Partly because of vaguely personal links. I was a teacher in a secondary school for 10 years and I've also been in a rather obsessive relationship with a much younger man (NOT a pupil and not of an inappropriate age I might add). On top of that the actor who plays the boy is just stunningly sexually attractive to look at to me! So all the way through I was sympathetic to both sides.

Because I'd enjoyed watching it I then read reviews etc online and must say I found the near 100% blame put on the teacher, calling her a predator and a groomer rather judgmental.
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My thoughts exactly Prudie, but luckily all our teachers were male and I wasn't exposed to such sexual delicases and the attitude to sex was much different and the boundaries of sex were well defined.

Today, more teachers are female, we have developed a society based on equality and "understanding " whatever that means and so such encounters are more common.

On a personal note, I would have to take a bite of the apple.

Sixth formers now are more mature, many married and parents at that age.

She was in a boring marriage which is more common than one might think and took her chance.
Fine with me.
The mistake she made was not sticking to the ground rules and made a big deal of fact an immature schoolteacher.
Yes her really big mistake was confiding in her fellow female teacher because she was almost drunk with the romance of it all and oblivious to the fallout, very immature. On the other hand he was 17. If he were in a similar relationship with a 16 year old (as millions must be at some point in their lives) no-one would bat an eyelid nor would it usually lead to permanent mental damage - that this series suggested the teacher did leave him with.
SOunds absolutely horrific
I might try it ( er watching that is!) from behind the sofa

Our GP has just retired rather quickly - overexamining teenage patients. - one complained, first one and he was out in 5 d.
hey how about this one?
1965 - schoolgirl bawled out in school assembly for being pregnant ! and it was the maths master. Apparently ( my brudda's year) everyone knew - amongst the pupils,

The head later said - the facts - they just didnt add up.

She later came back 50y later and wondered loudly if the local GP had dobbed her in and her comtemporaries took the view - he didnt have to. Everyone knew and she had a bermp in the correct place

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The Teacher.

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