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Ann | 23:02 Tue 03rd Jan 2017 | Media & TV
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I haven't seen Casualty for a couple of months but am trying to find out what happened to Glenn the boyfriend of Robyn. Did he die (as was terminally ill)? Has Robyn decided to keep the baby - she was thinking of having an abortion. I have trawled through various episode write ups (have recorded them but no time to watch them all now) and can't find an update about Robyn and Glenn.

Also how do I know Seb the new doctor? Wasn't he in Casualty before ......?
Would be grateful for an updates please. Ta muchly.


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The last we saw of Glenn was when he walked out of the wedding I think, don't think we've heard any more (unless I missed it). Robyn so keeping the baby.

Seb, the new doctor, used to play Nikil in Emmerdale if you watch that.
Yes, Seb was Nikhil Sharma in Emmerdale. He's a piece of work in Casualty :(

You can read all about Robyn and Glen here
He's evil isn't he, hope Dylan comes out of this the winner, I like his character-and Dervla the dog.
Me too horselady. I hope this doesn't push Dylan over the edge, he's a sensitive soul, one of my all time favourite characters.
I adore Dylan....couldn't you just take him home and look after him....♥
Yes, Dylan need a nice cuddle,
Question Author
Thanks everyone! Of course I can rest now - Seb was Nikil I watch Emmerdale and I knew he was really familiar!! Will wait for further news on Glen ... bit strange he's not been mentioned since the wedding was called off especially as Robyn is having his baby! But that is Soapland for you ...

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