Any Casualty fans out there ?

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ambercat35 | 01:45 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Media & TV
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Any Casualty fans out there its on in the United Kingdom on Saturdays on BBC1 and I am a fan of Casualty and looking to find more fans too,so let me know if you are a fan


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yeah, it's a great show with some classic scenes involving accident-prone people and doctors giving various excuses for waiting times.

Not for the faint hearted!

I'm not going to get into the arguments about men fancying nurses, I shall get into trouble....
yeah my girlfriend and I watch it, and Holby City
I like both too but prefer Casualty.  A good game to play while watching is spot to corpse (that is to guess who will die during the programme).  Seriously though I have watched it from the beginning.
oh my god, you are talking to a no1 fan of Casualty, I know every episode inside out, I have the CD, the rugby shirt, and am bidding on the hat, I think Martina laird is absolutely fantastic, and have got a signed autograph of her,
have you seen what they are supposedly bringing out on dvd?
series 1!!!!!!
I wasnt born then, so I have already figured out how many paper rounds!!
I love it!!
I'm crazy!

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Any Casualty fans out there ?

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