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ToraToraTora | 09:17 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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UFO Crossovers, the film/series also had at least one actor in UFO, name the actor, no googling.....well have a go first!
1) Only Fools and Horses
2) The detectives
3) The Italian Job
4) Crossroads
5) Minder
6) Neighbours
7) The Champions
8) Robin’s Nest
9) It Ain’t half Hot Mum
10) Frost


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I can picture the guy in The Champions, but can't remember his name.
Question Author
Yes 7) is Stuart Damon
Not who I was thinking of. I'll have to google.
I was picturing William Gaunt.
Question Author
well the three main actors in the Champions were William Gaunt, Stuart Damon and Alexandra Bastedo.
Question Author
ok, no he wasn't in UFO
Alexandra Bastedo. Lovely.
I had a hunch 1) was John Challis.
Seems I was wrong though.
Question Author
She apparently turned down the advances of Steve McQueen!
Question Author
There are actually 3 to choose from for 1)
Is 4 an actress, Gabrielle Drake?
2. The Detectives - George Sewell.

(I cheated)
It ain't half hot mum was Ed Bishop. I did suspect that George Sewell may have appeared in OFAH.
Come on then TTT.
Give us the answers.
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ok here's the answers:
1) Wanda Ventham, David Daker, Peter Blythe
2) George Sewell
3) Harry Baird
4) Gabrielle Drake
5) George Cole
6) Geoff Hinsliff
7) Stuart Damon
8) Tessa Wyatt
9) Windsor Davies, Ed Bishop
10) John Lyons
Question Author more 11) Dad's army.....
I know the answer

but I had to Google to find it.
Don't tell him, Pike.

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For A H And U F O Fans.........

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