Gordon Ramsays Bank Balance Game Show

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Georgiesmum | 01:57 Thu 25th Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Did anyone else watch this programme tonight?I stuck it for half an hour and then turned off. . What a waste of time!
I will be interested to hear what other people thought of it..


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I found it tedious to be honest.
Ten minutes!
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I found it very tedious too Mamya, a bit like pulling teeth.
Cant believe how some people can have so little general knowledge. Also I wonder when they will get round to having a white heterosexual couple on.
i don't like him at all and can't stand any more of these ridiculous game shows, like The Wall ggrrrr.
Absolute rubbish.
dave50 ..i said exactly the same when it was on ......also said it when Lingo was on!

Lightning is another poor quiz show with many contestants having poor general knowledge
Switched it off within 10 mins...who would expect a reknowned chef to be good at hosting a quiz show? No one in their right mind I would suggest! I am not fond of his cooking shows either.
It seems like every celebrity takes their turn at presenting a game show.
When I heard this guy was doing one I made a mental note to avoid it, dreadful man.
who on earth thought overlaying a humdrum daytime quiz show with a presenter who uses words ruder than bottom would make really good primetime entertainment??
i guess that he has to do something other than be in lockdown...
I only saw the Mexican guy in Fawlty Towers segment as I passed through.

It did illustrate how domestic violence can be a thing though, two idiots butting heads, battling to be the thickest and most opinionated, arguing about who was the least wrong.

The producers may have imagined that if Clarkson could make a fist of it why not try other geezers.
It's disgraceful that the BBC has taken to putting such twaddle on at a peak time slot......this is more late afternoon garbage and the likes of Pointless, the Chase and even Tipping Point are far better.

As to Ramsay, his TV personality is very different to real life. If you remember our AB lady who passed away at a young age, Eccles (Sancha) - she had worked on TV programmes like Cant Cook Won't Cook and Ramsay's restaurant programme - she said that he's a very nice guy to meet in person and also, a true point, that if he treated his actual restaurant staff as he behaves on the box, they would all have left ages ago. The one thing was that he was on the box and is in reality, he's an absolute stickler for hygiene and would exhort/berate the owners of the restaurant to get their place cleaned up before progressing. Raymond Blanc is a bit like this and I have to say that their kitchens are absolutely spotless.

Stick to the cooking, Gordon!
I haven't and wouldn't watch it...and not because I don't like Gordon Ramsey. I do actually...I've watched so many of his restaurant rescue programs over the years to see that he's both passionate about what he does, and a nice guy.
Lasted 5 minutes. Dire.
I rarely watch games shows these days. The only ones I do catch every now and the are Tipping Point and The Chase. Gordon Ramsay as a game show host doesn't appeal to me. Would rather watch him cook.
The twin obstacles of a decent quiz format and a suitable host both continue to elude TV channels.

A quiz show host requires two major attributes - a likeable personality and an ability to think on their feet.

Quite why anyone would imagine that GR has pedigree in either is a mystery, and so it appears.

To paraphrase Doctor Johnson, as I often do -

A famous chef hosting a quiz show is like a dog walking on its hind legs - it is not merely that it is done badly, but rather that one is surprised to see it done at all.
don't suppose putting a chef in charge of a quiz is any different to the BBC putting random "celebrities" in charge of music radio shows. that said, it's probably the case today that the only qualifications needed these days, is to be a lover of the sound of your own voice, and an ability to do what the producer tells you, and there's no longer any need to know anything about the music.
The programme was made by Gordan Ramsey's company and he produced the show . Much better for a kiddies afternoon show with a different host. Contestants selected for their stupidity. A complete rubbish programme it will be lucky if it survives after this week
I couldn't stick with it. The contestants put me off before I got much chance to take note of Ramsay (who I like) or the format. Not because they were black, but because they were so shouty and thick. Utterly intolerable ...
isn't it on for three weeks??

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Gordon Ramsays Bank Balance Game Show

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