Tipping Point

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dannyk13 | 10:49 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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Tipping Point last night
Question,The word Papillon is French for which flying insect?
Answer, Dog


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Is there a dog butterfly species? Lol
Amazing how some folk don't listen to the entire question.
must have heard it as pup-bichon :-)
Question Author
There is a papillon dog but it doesn't fly.
perhaps he was all of a flutter . . .
I watched this yesterday and it was one of those moments where the contestant didn't have a clue .... she obviously got brain freeze and panicked and she realised as soon as she said "dog" what she'd done.
I almost spat my brew out laughing :)
I'd be hopeless if the tv cameras were on me - like a deer caught in the headlights.
I'd be the same, barry. Easy to criticise from the armchair!
Haaa! In fairness though, like barry, I'd be hopeless in that situation too.

While we're on the subject does anyone know if the contestants take their winnings away? I know the loser from the first four doesn't, but what about the rest? Ben only mentions it on the first round.
Question Author
Ellie//Easy to criticise from the armchair//
It wasn't a criticism, I just thought it was funny.
No only the winner takes their money ...unless it's a celebrity show for charity
No, it's only the winner who gets his/her money
I stopped watching it because of Ben`s endless rule repetition he should take a leaf out of Jeremy Clarkson`s book -- "you know the rules- yes - lets move on".
"There is a papillon dog but it doesn't fly."
It does if you kick hard enough. :-)
Bit of useless information for those who quiz - there is also a version of the Papillon (Butterfly)breed called a Phalene which is French for Moth - they have dropped ears as opposed to the erect ears of the Papillon. You're welcome.
//I stopped watching it because of Ben`s endless rule repetition //

I record everything - then I can zoom through the boring bits - and the adverts. Same with The Chase. I never listen to the conversations Bradley has with the contestants. The only quizzes I watch all the way through are University Challenge and Only Connect.

Ellie and Roslyn, thanks for answering my question.
It was funny danny, whereas 11:43 wasn't.
I didn't find that funny either.

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