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The embodiment of 'moron'.

Question Author

Where do they find them?

Wow.....just wow.

Are they sure ? At the party conference one often hears, ,"Ahhg..ofa, Christ..." after each speech.

well... I didn't know the answer.

....yeah but I bet you didn't think it was Agatha Christie jno!

Question Author

I might've said 2 jags Prescott!!

I didn't think it was Agatha Christie, but so what - you're right or wrong and I was just as wrong as the contestant and would have got nul points same as him. How many people on this thread got it right?

you just don't get it do you jno, it's about the silly answer, not the wrong answer.

-- answer removed --

but if I didn't know an answer I'd happily give a silly answer. These shows are about entertainment.

would you not guess and hope to get it right?

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